November 2023

13 Tomatoes

Little Baby Sassy Pants didn’t want her sister to stand by her for pictures, and then she told me (again today), that she couldn’t “cheese” because she was eating. So that’s what that first face is about 😉 Also, the Christmas tree lights just don’t show up in pictures sometimes (I’m not technological enough to understand Jeff’s explanation), but it drives me crazy!

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A Lot Like Christmas

It was so cold and rainy and yucky this morning. I went early at 8am for praise team, but Jeff and the girls were close behind me, because he was on the GC kids sound booth, and had to be there at 8:30. I was tickled and surprised to see Addie in her fancy coat and slippers, but hey, she’s still super cute.

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Last night, Emerson actually stayed at Grammy’s house for a sleepover. All the way home, Addison kept looking over, saying stuff like, “Emmie! Get Emmie!” Poor girl was worried about and missing her sister. Then this morning, with only one kid in the house, we got busy doing some more chores. First, I watched “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” while folding about five very overdue loads of laundry.

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Spring Rolls & Tom Kha

This morning, my cold finally caught up with me, and I was totally and completely exhausted. I could barely wake up around 8am, and then when I moved to the couch, I kept falling asleep while the girls played. Luckily, Jeff took care of the girls and picked up our groceries, and let me rest, and then I was finally ready to get up and moving around 11am. And surprise, I’m back on my roasted garlic and tomato toast bit again.

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Camping at Falling Waters

For our 3-day Veteran’s Day weekend, we took the girls camping at Falling Waters State Park, over in Chipley. This was Emerson’s third camping trip, but Addison’s first! We spent the majority of Friday packing and loading everything up, and finally got on the road around 3pm. Thanks to Jeff’s dad Dave (aka PopPop) for loaning us his truck for the weekend!

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