Treat Yo’Self

Jeff took Emerson to school this morning just like usual, and she had a good drop-off.

I took Addie to her final TOC appointment with the pediatric orthopedist, to make sure her elbow was fine. We got x-rays again, and the doctor came in to see how she was moving, and he moved it around too. She hasn’t worn her splint in about a week, so we figured she wasn’t in pain anymore, but we still wanted to get that final all-clear from the doctor, which we did!

It was actually a little stressful getting there this morning (went to the wrong building first, had to drive to the old TOC after showing up at the new one, then it was raining and there was nowhere to park, and the check-in line was taking forever, and it was wayyy too warm in there, Addie only wanted to be held, and there were about 20 people in the tiniest waiting room), so I decided to treat myself to a raspberry mocha iced coffee (the ‘Athena’) from the Argonaut coffee shop inside the TOC.

Then I took this little cutie to school, finally got her dropped off around 11am.

And then since I hadn’t packed myself a lunch to take to work for the day, and I was already super hungry, decided to treat myself to a quick, early lunch before heading into the office. I’d gone to Paris Bahn Mi once way back last winter, and have been wanting to go back a ton of times since then, but finally made it today! And wow it was so delicious. SO flavorful and fresh.

Grammy took Emerson to gymnastics today, then I picked up Meg from her office, and then we all met up at daycare after work to pick up all the little girls.

Last night, while I was cooking dinner and then we were eating, I was baking a tray of potatoes in the oven. We never have time to have baked potatoes on a week night, because they take too long by the time we finally get home. So I baked them last night, to save for dinner for tonight, and that worked out really well. Then I just scrounged up some other things to make it into a meal, and I decided we would have Tex-Mex Taters, with some ranch-style chili beans, cheese, onions, sour cream and salsa. (I forgot a Walmart grocery order for the week, so we’re working with what we’ve already got stashed away.) And this cutie ate some carrots while I got everything ready.

Way back in the beginning of October, I started a 1000 piece fall-themed puzzle. I got the edges put together, and then only like 10 other pieces paired up, and never worked on it again. It was right before Jeff went out of town for a week, and then we both went to New Orleans, and then the weekend we got back Addie got a fever, and then hurt her elbow, and Emerson got the stomach bug, and then I just lost all momentum and never got back to it. It was fine while we could still eat outside, but since it’s now very dark, and cold, and sometimes rainy, we needed our dining room table back. So tonight, I finally boxed it back up, so we could eat at the table together again.

So last night, I shared this little meme on my Instagram story, and had so many responses from friends agreeing with this. It made me feel better that I’m not the only one who feels like I can’t clean during the week. Also, if you actually make plans to go out of town for the weekend, it’s even worse. But if you go tent camping, you’re looking at the biggest disaster. So in light of that, here’s what half of my dining room currently looks like. (And the other half looks just as crazy.)

After cleaning up from dinner, I went to turn off the lights in the dining room, and found this goofball just casually sitting on top of the table, watching Puppy Dog Pals on Daddy’s phone.

After an episode of Bluey and lots of snuggles and a bedtime snack, Jeff took care of getting Addison ready for bed, and Pretzel and I went back to Emerson’s room to get her ready for bed.

These are her little blue-light glasses, and she just popped them on and looked so stinking cute!

I don’t feel like washing dishes tonight, so instead, I’m going to repaint my fingernails and watch tv and then probably read before bedtime.

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