March 2022

Addison’s First Surgical Procedure

After a very busy weekend, we had a very early start today. We dropped off Emerson earlier than we ever have before, just a few minutes before 7am. I was worried she would be upset with our normal routine thrown off and without Addison, but she was perfectly fine!

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Ducking Jeeps – Disney Day 3

After the longest, busiest day of her life, with no nap, and the latest she’s ever gone to bed, she finally slept in the latest ever too, until 8:30am. So by the time we all got up and moving, we had pretty much missed breakfast. Papa took her down to get a bowl of cereal to bring back to the room while we finished getting dressed and packed up.

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Skyliner at the Springs – Disney Day 1

I’m going to break up the 3-day Disney weekend into 3 separate posts, because it’s just too much to squeeze into one post! We took about 400-ish photos between Mama and I, and I got it whittled down to about 125 for Facebook & these blog posts, so that’s still pretty good, I’d say 😉 (Also, if we can work it out, Jeff might write another separate “guest post” about his weekend at home with Addison.)

Anyways, on Friday morning, I actually dropped off both girls at school, because Emerson still wanted to go to her Junior Gym class before hitting the road to Orlando.

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School Choice Acceptance

(Last night, my website was down, and I had a long phone call with with my sister, and then long chat with Jeff, and by the time he got my website back up & running, it was too late for me to blog. So this is the belated post for Wednesday, 3/23/2022.)

The girls sit next to each other every morning watching a YouTube kids video while I pack my breakfast & lunch, but this was especially sweet with Emmie laying in Addie’s lap yesterday, and Addie patting her on the head.

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Chocolate Donuts

This morning it was just me and Addie again without Emmie, since she had to stay home one more day from that random fever Wednesday night. (She literally never had any other issues other than the one afternoon/evening of fever, so we have no idea what that was about…) But the school was eerily quiet with so many people out for spring break, but Addie still stole toys from her little friend.

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Addie’s First Slice of Pizza

Well, with the time change last night, and an accidental late night tonight, it’s almost 10pm, and I’m just now starting to write. So I’m just gonna make this as quick and easy as possible, so I can head off to read a little, and then sleep soon after… I was in Emerson’s class for Sunday school this morning, and we had a good little class today.

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