February 2023

Grape Jelly

Well today was unexpected… First of all, I forgot to turn my alarms on for this morning, so we all woke up very late. Yesterday, I was off work, which was planned because Emerson’s school was closed. But then today I was off work again, which was unplanned, because Addison woke up with a fever. And Emerson was just having a very sensitive and emotional morning, and had a tummy ache, and didn’t want to go to school. We gave her some pepto to help calm her tummy, and then sent her off to school, just slightly late. I called the pediatrician’s office to make an appointment for Addie, then scrambled us some eggs. She literally only ate this one bite as I took a photo, and then she wouldn’t eat anymore than that.

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Galentine’s Tea Party 2023

Today was our 6th annual Galentine’s Tea Party! I’ve hosted this yearly event every year since we moved into this house, (except in 2021 we had to cancel due to covid issues…), and it’s so lovely every time! The dining room looked beautiful today, and all the food everyone brought looked amazing too. (Click on years past to see our parties progressively grow bigger… I wasn’t blogging yet in 2017, but started in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022.)

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Wild Berry

It was a cold, slow, tired morning, but we did eventually get moving and off to school and work. Addie Pie was cute as a button, and so was Emmie Girl too, of course. But we didn’t get any good pics of Emmie, because someone set off the fire alarm at Gilchrist with burnt popcorn at 8am, so she was getting out of the car as that was going off and literally went straight into fire drill mode…

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