Bread & Butter

This morning’s routine was definitely out of the ordinary for us, and full of chaos. All four of us actually packed up with all our stuff in Daddy’s car together, instead of going separately

We took Emerson to school first, and she clearly had a great drop-off.

And then we took Addison, and she immediately dug into this giant cinnamon biscuit.

Then Jeff realized he forgot his work/office badge, so we had to go back home to grab that. Then I dropped him off at the car rental place on South Monroe, for him to get a rental van to pack full of equipment to take for their annual conference near Orlando. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of him at his drop-off!

Got quite a few good pics of Addison today.

Our database went down at work for a while this afternoon, and didn’t come back up until 10 minutes ’til 5pm. And then we had to scramble like crazy to take care of some emergency things that had to be dealt with, so I got stuck at work 15 minutes late today. So then I went to pick up Emerson first, and took her to pick up Addison together.

Then we did some cheese tortellini for dinner, but Emmie told me not to make any broccoli to go with it 😉 So instead, we just had some bread and butter. My mom used to always bring the bread and butter to the table like this when we were kids, and it’s such a simple, nostalgic little detail of so many meals of my childhood.

We had lots of playtime together after dinner, so I just let the girls play in Addie’s room and play together in her bed for a while, and then they threw her stuffed animals all over the room, and played some more, before we finally got things cleaned up.

Then it was time for all of our usual things – milk, snacks, Bluey, YouTube ocean sounds videos, lullabies, prayers, and a book – to get the girls ready for sleepy time. We also had to do a video call with Daddy, before Emerson was actually ready, but then I got both girls to sleep at a decent time, and both laid down in their beds easily.

On a random note, after reading the most books I’ve ever read in one month during January (11 books!), I had a bit of a reading slump during February (6 books, but one was a read-aloud chapter book for Emmie; but even 5 books seems like a decent number, but I started & abandoned about 5 more books too). But I finished this book today, that I started literally 24 hours ago, and loved it, just like I love every Colleen Hoover book.

Also, here’s our little one second every day video for February!



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