February 2021

Buffalo Wings

We had our usual early morning wake up call by our cute toddler, and then we had an early morning Walmart grocery pick-up, during the 7-8am “at-risk” hour. (I accidentally drove to the wrong Walmart first, but eventually made it to the right one…) Then when we got home and put everything away, I made scrambled egg sandwiches for breakfast, and used this nice whole grain and nut bread for mine, which was super yummy. (Also, I now use sugar-free coffee creamer, and we’ve always used Splenda, so we’re still good to go on the coffee side of the low-sugar situation…)

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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a heck of a week (work-wise it was crazy, and I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week), but we made it, and now we get some time to rest! And we were happy to see our baby girls again this morning! We thought we planned for all four girls to wear cheetah together, but Riley had other plans, and demanded rainbow dresses for her and her sisters!

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The Fruits of our Labor

This girl was ready for church today! She even made her own Valentine’s cards for her friends, and packed them in her purse with some dum-dum’s. Have you ever seen a more adorable child than this one right here?!?! With the sweater dress with flutter sleeves, tights, cute shoes, mommy’s purse and her own Bible?! Ugghhh I die at the cuteness!!

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Strawberry Surprise

We finally made it back to school today! Her classroom closed last week when a teacher who had been in her room tested positive for covid, so she spent a week at home in quarantine. All of us tested negative over the weekend, so her and friends returned back to school today. She was actually really excited to go back, and ran inside to give Ms. Renee (the director) a hug and barely looked back and definitely didn’t cry. I was so proud of her!

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At-Home Valentime’s Spa Day

We went pretty low-key this year for “Valentime’s” Day (yes, that’s how Emerson pronounces it), partly because we were just at home, and partly because we wanted to… And so we just got Emmie the towel turbans I knew she’d love, and Jeff got Emmie and I both a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And I didn’t even remember to get anything for him, oopsies.

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Glucose, Interviews & Painting

First thing this morning, I had to report to LabCorp for my 3-hour glucose test. This is actually my second one this pregnancy, because they made me do it really early on, and now I had to repeat it during Week 25, which is the normal time for it. It was really hard to get this sugar-water down this time, but I made it eventually, and didn’t get sick.

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Mommy Daycare

Today was our first full-day of our quasi-quarantine, and at-home Mommy Daycare. Jeff got up early with Emmie at 6:15, and let me sleep until about 7:30am. Once I was awake and moving and ready to start the day, Emmie requested an egg sandwich for breakfast, I made myself an avocado bagel, with a little help from my sous chef. And Jeff just wanted a bowl of cereal 😉

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