The Fruits of our Labor

This girl was ready for church today! She even made her own Valentine’s cards for her friends, and packed them in her purse with some dum-dum’s. Have you ever seen a more adorable child than this one right here?!?! With the sweater dress with flutter sleeves, tights, cute shoes, mommy’s purse and her own Bible?! Ugghhh I die at the cuteness!!



I had a meeting after church today, so stayed there for a couple of hours, but Jeff and Emerson went out to lunch at Red Elephant with Grandmommie, Uncle Keith and Aunt Suzanne. Apparently she was getting a little fussy at one point, so Aunt Suzanne went and got this cute little stuffed red elephant, and wouldn’t you know, that cheered her right up!?

Jeff got her down for nap after lunch, and I got back home about 30 minutes after that. She slept another hour, and Jeff and I just chilled and chatted on the couch together, and watched a few YouTube videos. She woke up in the best little mood, ready to play and have fun. I took her back to her room to play, then went to the bathroom. I came back to her room and literally didn’t see her, so I called out asking, “Emmie, where’d you go?!” And then I heard some giggles coming from her overflowing bucket of stuffed animals, and she popped out and surprised me! I honestly didn’t know she was there though! I made her go back under & called Daddy back, and she tricked him too, and it was real funny 🙂

Then she switched out every single animal on her bed with one of the ones from the bucket, to give some loves to some different ones for a while.

The weather was too nice outside to stay inside anymore, so she picked out her own outfit, and went to play and hang out in the carport and front yard. And it was so nice! She played with chalk, and on her scooter, and in a pot of dirt, and with some rocks and leaves.

And then she decided we should eat an orange outside. So I grabbed a cutting mat and a knife, and we went to town out there! We finished one and wanted more, so she grabbed a second… and then a third… and between the two of us, we ate four oranges! They were sooo good and sooo juicy. These were actually the first ones from our harvest last month that we finally got around to eating (we were quick to give them all away, and then we forgot to eat them ourselves!), but these fruits of our labor were absolutely delicious!

We were both a sticky mess after going to town on so many oranges (please make sure to look closely, so you can see the juice dripping down both of her arms, all the way to her elbows), but we enjoyed them so very much!

I kept picking up the ones she “finished” because she left so much behind that I didn’t want to waste, and it reminded me of when I was little and my Granddaddy would finish off the meat I left on BBQ ribs.

After all the dirt and chalk and oranges, my girl was an absolute mess, so we went inside and went straight to the bathtub. She requested bubbles, so I gave her plenty, and she had so much fun splashing around in there for the longest time. It was an early bath time, but we went ahead and got her jammies on, so she’d be cozy comfy the rest of the evening.

I still had plenty of leftover chicken from the pesto chicken wraps I made on Friday night, so we did an exact repeat of that meal again tonight. Easy peasy, really yummy. We listened to the Sound of Music record again tonight, at Emerson’s request for “the one with the little kids on it,” and sang our way through dinner again. Emmie actually kept turning around just to watch the record spin.

It took her about a billion years to finish her quesadilla, and she ended up needing to sit in Daddy’s lap, but she finally ate every single bite, so we could finally get up from the table.

She decided she was in fact still hungry, even after all that, so she had a bag of BBQ chips on the couch while watching Paw Patrol and cuddling with Mommy. Then she was ready to head to bed, with all of her newly rearranged friends and “stuffy’s.”

Bedtime went really well tonight, so hopefully we’re turning a corner with all her bedtime antics and hoopla. I think it actually really helped for her to see how easily the triplets go down for bed and nap, when we were there yesterday. So at her nap yesterday and today, she was like, “I wanna do it how the triplets do it,” which means just turn on the sound machine and lay down. And I think she’s been doing really well with that!

We’re hoping to have her more evened out by the time Baby Sister gets here, so that we have less conflict when it’s Emmie’s turn for bed every night. We’ve got a few more months to get that settled, so cross your fingers for us!

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