Gestational Diabetes

We had a really good drop-off this morning, with no issues or crying. The faces she’s making in these photos was because she really need to go potty, so she was a little distracted.

And little girl had herself a good day at school today, making cute crafts and playing with her friends.

As of today, I am now 27 weeks pregnant, and just one week shy of my third trimester! I feel Baby Girl kicking and rolling and moving all the time, and I love it. I had a prenatal appointment today with my regular OB office, where I got some bad news… I failed my 3-hour glucose test from a week or so ago, and have officially been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was honestly a surprise that I didn’t see coming. My first pregnancy went so smooth and healthy, and my OB regularly told me it was “a boring pregnancy.” I didn’t expect to fail the glucose test last week, so I was surprised by the news.

I’ve been referred to the Diabetes Center and will have to consult with them for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’ll also have to take my own blood sugar four times a day, every day, for the next three months. And I’m really not looking forward to that. We will manage it just with a change to my diet to be much more low carb/low sugar, and hopefully not need any meds. Needless to say, I’m pretty upset about it, but I’m ready and willing to do what I need to do to keep myself and my Baby Girl safe! So please pray about this with us, as we work through it the next few months.

I also got my Tdap shot today, and they gave me my packet for when the third trimester starts.

I was able to pick Emerson up a little bit early from school after my appointment, so we just went home and snuggled on the couch. I was actually super tired, so I just closed my eyes and rested for a bit while Emmie watched Paw Patrol. Despite my new need for low carb, I was already planning to make ravioli for dinner tonight, and didn’t have the mental energy to figure out anything else instead, so we just went with it, with a nice little salad on the side for some veggies. Emmie loved it though, and ate so very well tonight.

And since we had an early dinner, we had lots of play time before bedtime. So we went back to her room and played for a long time, doing all the things.

We got her room cleaned up and tidy again after all the playing, and then started the bedtime routine.

She was sweet and did pretty well, but then called us back in crying a couple of times, so that was frustrating. She’s been quite for a while now, so it seems like all is well. Jeff just finished washing up the dishes while I’ve been blogging, so we’re going to watch a movie for a little bit (probably won’t last long), and then head off to bed soon.


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