Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a heck of a week (work-wise it was crazy, and I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week), but we made it, and now we get some time to rest! And we were happy to see our baby girls again this morning! We thought we planned for all four girls to wear cheetah together, but Riley had other plans, and demanded rainbow dresses for her and her sisters!

She literally screamed out “AUNT MEGGIE” when she saw the van, and went running over to try to open the door to get to “her babies.”

No photos from during the day… but once we got home and I started on dinner, my little helper had to climb up on the counter to help me get something from the cabinet, but she still couldn’t reach it, so I gave her tongs to try to grab it with. She thought it as the best, funniest game.

Then she took care of all of her babies, as Dr. Emerson, and played in her room with Daddy, while I cooked dinner.

I made sautéed chicken & onions, creamed spinach and garlic parmesan couscous for dinner, and it was all absolutely delicious! And the other night when Jeff and Emmie got me the flowers, they also got me some sugar-free Powerade. I almost always drink water at home, but they thought it would be a nice treat, and it has been! Emerson also loved the couscous, and ate two servings of it. She also kept repeating “couscous” about a billion times, and the way says it is just adorable.

After dinner, we watched some clips on YouTube from the Sound of Music, then moved on to Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Sister Act. It was all such fun music, and she was dancing around and singing and getting all her wiggles out, and being super cute.

We let her stay up a little later than normal, enjoying all her dancing time, and then headed off to bed. We had some fighting and shenanigans, and even some tears from her and I both by the end of it, but eventually I got her calmed down and she’s now sleeping soundly.

I made a big mess in the kitchen making dinner, but I put away the leftover couscous and then Jeff did all the rest of the clean-up and dish-washing for me. I’m now exhausted (as usual these days by this point in the evening), so I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch within the half hour… Night!

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