Spinning into Springtime

So excited to see some spring weather today, to wear a dress and not pants and a jacket. And just look how adorable my girl is, wearing this new dress from Nana! (But let’s just ignore the unsightly, dirty sock someone lost on the curb next to her…)

And if one girl in pink wasn’t enough, look at all four of these adorable baby girls in their pink!


Made myself another little burrito wrap for lunch today, with chicken, pesto, mozzarella, caramelized onions, and spinach. And it was so good! Plus grapes. Oh and two days ago, my boss brought donuts for our unit, and I was strong and resisted. Then today, a coworker brought Nothing Bundt Cupcakes, and I resisted. And then in the afternoon, there were Publix chocolate frosted donuts (which are actually my fave) sitting on the common share table, and I resisted those too. But dang, why all the sweet treats at work this week?!

Little Miss Priss had another good day at school, and although her daily report said she napped for 13 hours 50 minutes, I think that might have been a little bit off 😉

She has known for a long time how to buckle the chest clip herself. But recently, she has learned how to do the lower one herself too, and will have a straight freak out if you don’t let her do it herself. So independent, as always!

Had to do a bit of running through the yard and twirling around when we got home, before we could go inside, since the weather was so lovely and the sun was shining so nice! We decided she was spinning into springtime!



We’ve listened to the Sound of Music record every night this week, and she’s obsessed with the goat song, and has started randomly singing “do, re, mi,” and it’s so precious.

Bath time after dinner time, and lots of splashing and fun. (But let me tell ya, I’m getting to pregnant to do bath time much longer, so we’re gonna have to make sure this girl knows how to wash & rinse her own hair here soon!)

She was super cute and sweet and giggly and silly at bedtime, but things went well and we got her to sleep at a pretty good time tonight. I washed up some of the dishes while dinner cooked, and then immediately washed the few pots & pans I used tonight, right after we finished eating. And I was really proud of myself for that 😉

I’ve started physically feeling very pregnant this week, so things are just more achy and weird than my usual body. Not in a bad way, just ya know, different. But it also means I’m more exhausted at night, and even sitting up at the computer to write this post has felt like a lot tonight. (On that note, just putting it out there, once Baby Girl is here, I most likely will not be blogging every single night, at least not in the very beginning, when we’ll be in pure survival mode with a newborn.) So it’s time to rest for a bit, then head off to bed, very soon!

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