Fresh Flowers

Aunt Meggie brought the baby girls early again today, and I think you can tell how excited Emerson was about that, from these crazy huge, cheesy smiles!

I made up some tuna salad first thing this morning, to bring to work for my lunch today. I’m still new at the low-carb, low-sugar deal, and I’m kinda just working with what I’ve got this week before doing a grocery order this weekend, but this worked out good today. I put the tuna on a wrap instead of bread (and next time I’ll buy the specific low-carb ones), plus the low-sugar yogurt that I added the nuts & raisins to, and this was a really good lunch!

I also started making lists of meals and snacks that people have shared with me, or that I’ve found in some of my own research. I don’t actually meet with the diabetes dietician for another two weeks, so I’m so glad I had friends reach out to me with their own tips & advice! Anyone else have anything else to share, that I can add to these lists?!

Little Miss Emmie had a good day at school, ate her entire lunch and took a good nap. She also told me all about building this little track today when I picked her up from school.

Jeff met up with Emmie and I to have dinner together at Newk’s. She wanted to bring something in to keep her entertained, and we still had her Bible from Sunday in the car, and she was so cute snacking on breadsticks, flipping through it, while waiting on her food.

Jeff and I both ordered giant salads, the Newks Favorite, and it was absolutely delicious. I had to sub parmesan cheese for gorgonzola, since you can’t eat that while pregnant which was unfortunate because it’s so yummy, but this salad was delicious, and I ate literally every bite of this gigantic thing.

After dinner, Jeff and Emerson went by Walmart to pick up dog food since we were completely out, and I went out to church for praise team rehearsal. I wanted just one photo of her in her new forward-facing seat, and she wanted to make a couple extra funny faces for me.

It was so good to rehearse and sing tonight, even if I felt a little out of practice, especially on a choral anthem, since I haven’t sang like that in ages, and was definitely struggling for breath at some points, partly because it’s been a while, and partly because there’s a baby in there pushing on my lungs from the inside. But it was still so nice! And before rehearsal, I ran into a choir friend who was asking how I’m doing, especially with the gestational diabetes diagnosis, so we talked a bit, and then she prayed for me, and it made me tear up a little bit because it was so sweet and encouraging! So, thank you again, Beth.

When I got home, Jeff had finished getting Emmie in bed, so I just tip-toed in and gave her a hug and then she was ready for sleep. And look at these beautiful flowers they picked out for me as a surprise when they were at Walmart. So sweet!

It’s been a very long day, and I’m very tired and sore and achy-feeling tonight, so I’m just about to head off straight to bed. Night, friends!

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