March 2019

Gobble Goodie

I just love this girl first thing in the morning, when she’s so sleepy and she’s got bed head and she’s got that sleepy baby smell. When I pick her up out of her crib every morning, she always lays her head back down on my shoulder for a minute. And I love that so much. It makes me feel like she missed me overnight, and is just so happy to see me again in the morning. But I guarantee she’s not as happy as I am to see her!

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Baby After Bath

Today we’ll start out with a few quick stories, and then we’ll get to the photos.

1 – we were listening to the Moana soundtrack in the car this morning on th way to school, and after each song ended, Emerson shouted “More!” So every time I told her, “another one’s coming!” (I’ve heard stories from when I was little, about listening to music in the car with my Granddaddy, and after each song, I would tell him, “Another one’s comin’, Granddaddy!”)

2 – halfway down the hallway at school, when she saw her classroom, Emerson kept repeating “Q, Q, Q” (which sounds more like “2” from her little mouth), over & over again until walked in. But we had beat her there! Ms. Q was out Friday & Monday on vacation, and Emerson really missed her!

3 – Emmie has a funny little cowlick happening this morning, and I loved it!

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The Blog that was Broken

So yesterday, something weird happened with my blog. It had something to do with an unsuccessful IP address and failed JetPack launches (which sounds like I’m running a rocket ship, rather than a website), and it’s way more complicated than you or I can understand (at least I assume we’re in the same boat). But my sweet Hubby got everything all sorted out, and now we’re back up & running! 

So here’s the post I would have written Wednesday, 3/20/19, IF my blog had been working properly… Emmie girl was looking cute in a new onesie, and loving her dinosaurs!

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