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A little pre-church book reading in the car this morning.

Then when we got there, Emerson just marched straight into her classroom, and plopped down in her teachers’ lap! We were a few minutes late, so they were already working on arts & crafts time. Emerson watched her friends paint, and then it was her turn. Check out her pretty painting she made!

We had a really great service today, with communion, baptism, amazing worship songs, and I just really felt the Lord at work in our church this morning. I was feeling emotional listening to our orchestra play during communion, and then got completely choked up and cried when the whole congregation sang “Forever.” It was powerful. And all of that was followed by a great sermon. And to top it off, Jeff was deacon of the day again, and I just felt so proud of him. It was a great Sunday morning.

While Jeff and I were in the front foyer doing deacon of the day duties, Grammy & Pepaw picked up Emerson from the nursery. And Emmie and Pepaw did three laps up & around & down the balcony steps. She was wound up!

On our way out to the car, we stopped to day goodbye to Grandmommie and Aunt Suzanne.

We had chicken nuggets for lunch today, and then my baby girl went down for a nap super easy, after such a big morning at church.

And then I left right away to head out to Megan and Bo’s house, to take their dinner for tonight. And of course I stayed to hang out & chat, but also to love on babies, and help out with the 2pm feeding.

When I first got there, all three girls had fallen asleep on their mat doing tummy time. So cute! (Left to right: Ellie, Kensley, Riley.)

The NICU out the girls on strict schedule, and Bo & Meg are keeping them on it so far. Kensley (the “oldest”) always wakes up and eats first.

Then Riley (the “middle child”) goes second.

And then Ellie (the “youngest” & littlest) always goes third. (And this girl has so many funny faces! I took about 15 photos of her alone, and each one is a different facial expression.)

Meggie is doing such a great job, and is just the cutest Mommy. And Bo is a great, silly Daddy (he was making up random songs today, and making us all laugh).

And withing in at just under 5 pounds, the teeniest Peanut is starting to get the teeniest double chin!

I had a nice time hanging out with Megan & Bo (we had lots of laughs), and getting some special, sweet, one-on-one time with each of the girls before they got their bottles. (They also told me later on they ate, and enjoyed the food I had brought them.)

Meanwhile back at home, Emmie woke up from her nap around 3pm, and her and Daddy had some play time together. Pepaw had bought her a new notebook & markers on their Walmart adventures yesterday, and she was dying to try them out today, so Jeff got her all set up for some afternoon drawing time.

Oh, and Bo sent me home with this pack of Costco-sized muffins, since he bought them BOGO and decided be didn’t need 12 gigantic muffins all to himself. So I dropped off chicken tacos (and such), and came home with blueberry muffins. Score!

Then we went over to have dinner with Jeff’s parents, since we hadn’t seen them in a couple of weeks. (Nita had gotten pretty sick, so we were keeping our distance, just in case, but she’s all better now!) We had shepherd’s pie & green beans for dinner, then the girls went for a little carriage ride & walk after dinner.

And I had to take some “glamour shots” of my beautiful girl, in this adorable dress!

We had taken over a load of Emerson’s clothes to wash while we were at their house (for the sake of “multi-tasking”), but they weren’t white dry yet. So after her bathroom at their house, Nana pulled out this old SpongeBob towel/poncho thing, that used to be Ryan & Gabe’s when they were younger! (She has the curly-est/craziest hair after I towel-dry it.)

We kept Emmie out way past her bedtime, but she was still so incredibly sweet giving hugs and kisses to Nana & PopPop before we left their house. She ate an individual size bag of Goldfish all the way home (with me handing them to her one at a time), and kept saying “more” after every single fish. We read her books when we got home, I said her prayers, and she gave me the biggest kiss, before laying her head on my shoulder. I held her and rocked her for just a few minutes, and then she was ready to lay in her crib. I’m feeling extremely exhausted tonight, so I’m going to bed soon, to try to rest up for the work week!

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