Another Ear Infection

My poor, sweet Emerson woke up screaming at 5am this morning. I went running in to check on her, and her whole body was soaking wet from sweat, and she was burning up. I checked her temperature, and it was 104.6. We got her some Motrin, and got her to drink some long sips of ice water, and she calmed down. We stripped her to just ber diaper, then wrapped her loosely in a thin blanket, and her and I fell back asleep for a couple hours in the recliner in the living room.When we woke up again around 7:30, her temp was down to 100.4, and she was still super sleepy. So I got her cuddled up in our bed with Daddy, so I could go to the bathroom and take care of a few things.

She started slowly waking up, and repeating “eat, eat,” so we got up to go get some breakfast. Her and I shared one of the giant muffins Uncle Bo gave us, and it was so yummy!And once daddy got dressed, he had a muffin, and Emmie sat in his lap while he ate, and I drank coffee. We played for a while after Daddy left, and she seemed to be fine. She took care of some business the food truck, and did some coloring in the new notebook from Pepaw. And she got marker all over herself! Luckily, I had put down a tablecloth upside down on our coffee table, to keep her from marking all over the table. (The markers are washable, but I’d much rather have a few minor spots on the tablecloth, than the nice coffee table we made!)Around 9:30, something happened that made her super upset. I can’t remember what it was now, but it was something small and silly. But I knew if it upset her, it was because she didn’t feel good & was just super sensitive. She was also acting really sleepy already (normal naptime is 11:30), so I scooped her up, got her comfy under my blanket, and in no time she was sound asleep on my chest. And she ended up sleeping on me from 9:50 – 11:50am.She didn’t feel warm at all while she was sleeping, until right as she was waking up. And then she was burning up again! And her fever had spiked back up to 105. But instead of being super mad about it, she was really sleepy & lethargic. I put her in my bed for a few minutes (Mommy needed to potty after she slept on me for so long!), and she just didn’t even want to do anything. I rubbed her back to keep her relaxed, and eventually she fell back asleep in our bed, for another 45-ish minutes.After her second little nap, she seemed to perk up a bit, and I got her to drink lots of ice water, and even eat a pretty decent lunch. But with that second fever spike, I decided to take her into the doctors office.And my tiny girl (who was weighed today at 19lbs 9.5oz), has another infection in her right ear. I also had them do a flu swab, which praise the Lord came back negative. I hate when she’s sick, but I am at least thankful it’s something that can be treated with antibiotics, rather than just a “run it’s course” kind of virus.And on our short 12-minute drive from the doctor to the house, poor girl had fallen asleep again. So I carried her from the car, straight to her bed, and she ended up sleeping another 45 minutes.So all together today, I’d say she napped close to four hours, at three separate times. Her normal is a one-time nap, for 1.5-2 hours, and is in constant motion the rest of the day. Today though, she was way more subdued, and wanted to be held a lot more.When we got home from the doctors office, Grandmommie came over to our house, so she could help out. Which worked out great, so she could stay while Emmie napped, and I ran to get the prescription and Gatorade for the baby girl. I invited Grandmommie to stay for dinner with us, so I made pasta & salad, which was quick and easy. Emerson got fussy after being in her high chair for a bit, and wanted to get down. But she really just wanted Grandmother to pick her up and hold her, while she snuck penne noodles out of Grandmother’s bowl. On my errands earlier this afternoon, I picked up some of those sugar-free fudge pops, because I figured that would be a good treat for Emerson, and could cool her down if she got another fever. She definitely loves sharing them with the three of us tonight!We did bath time after Grandmommie headed home, and then started all of our normal night time routine. Plus antibiotics and Tylenol. She was getting really fussy and upset though, and crying over every little thing. She was also slobbering like crazy, because of all the crying. But it’s just because she didn’t feel good and was super tired. Once we got her calmed down and we read her books, she fell asleep on my shoulder in just a few minutes, and I was able to lay her down without any problems. That was almost an hour ago, and she’s been quiet since then. Now we’re just praying she sleeps through the night, and we don’t have any more major fever spikes.So thankful to have had Grandmommie come over for a while this afternoon. Not only was it helpful, but if was also just nice to have her with us. And it felt like a special occasion having her over for dinner on a Monday night! Very thankful and appreciate for loving, supportive family, that help when we need it!

The dishes are washed, the kitchen is clean, and the leftovers are packed up for our lunches tomorrow. And now it’s time to decompress, by watching “Dumplin” on Netflix.

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