Backyard Adventures

My calendar picture was accidentally forgotten in yesterday’s post, but hooray for a new month. Hello, April!

I started a new audio book on the way to daycare this morning. This is the fourth book I’ve read by this author (three of which were on audio), and I really like those (and I really like this narrator), so I have high hopes for this most recent book of hers. She has a very new one that will be published in the fall, and I’ve already put myself on the library waiting list for it.

Emerson woke up feeling much better today, and she was very happy to see Mrs. Q once we got to school. She was also dressed pretty in pink, and ready for spring picture day at school!

We got lots of good photos from her teachers today. I love seeing all the fun things she gets to do with her tiny friends and teachers!

When I picked her upset after school, Mrs. Q had done up her hair again like a tiny Pebbles. I love it!

We then went to Trader Joe’s before heading home, and Emmie helped me pick out a cute new plant, then she ate a banana while we shopped. As we checked out, the cashier gave her long strip of stickers, and she was so excited about them!

I cooked dinner for just the two of us once we got home (Jeff was finishing up stuff from the move he helped with over the weekend), and this girl was being weird. She was scared of a bug that had flown in the house, and wouldn’t move out of this corner of the kitchen! We had Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice & pork dumplings. Some of our faves! Emmie especially loves the dumplings.

And this is the cute little plant I got from Trader Joe’s! It’s called a pilea plant, and it’s nickname is the friendship plant. Its apparently pretty trendy right now. One of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers, Brooke (@nestingwithgrace), always shares all her many house plants, and this is one of her newest. And she makes me wanna be a plant lady, so wish me luck with this little guy!

After dinner, we went on a mini adventure walking all over the yard, and exploring whatever we could find!

This tiny little green bud (and the hundreds of others!) is the start of next years oranges!

And of course we had to do some more chalk drawing, before getting ready for bedtime.

And look how happy this silly girl is, and how crazy her hair is after I took it down!

After I read her usual bedtime books, she was being so silly and crazy and weird, and we were both laughing so much. It took about 20 minutes, but I finally got her calmed down (after stealing lots of kisses from her). She was asleep in just a couple minutes, and I laid her right down.

I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, and then remembered I had a package to open! I totally fell for those Amazon ads in my Instagram the other day, and ordered new sandals right from the ad. I did actually need new black sandals though, soo… Anyways, did y’all know Amazon actually has its own brand of stuff now? I didn’t, but I like it! The sandals are actually pretty comfy (they do need to be broken in of course), but I think these $20 Prime sandals were a good deal!

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls while blogging (I’m currently in season six), and now I need to work on the videos for my one second every day compilation for March, since I’m behind on that. Hopefully I’ll finish it up tonight, so I can share it soon.

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