Pickin’ Wildflowers

I’ve mentioned before I think Emerson looks best in blue, green, and purple. Well this little purple swan outfit is a perfect example of that!

Lunch today was a hodge-podge of leftover veggie fried rice from last night, banana, Smart Pop, and these crunchy chick peas my Mama got me. I’m obsessed with chick peas, aka garbanzo beans, and these crunchy sea salt ones are so good!

Photos from her teachers today…

For a quick triplet update, Riley & Ellie had their first pediatrician appointment last week, and Kensley had hers today. All the girls are consistently gaining weight, and doing really well! Today was the first time they ventured out as a family of five, and even got to spend some time outside on this beautiful day! Also, WCTV is doing another interview with them, airing tonight at 11pm, and tomorrow morning. And it will be on their website sometime in the morning.

After work, we met the family for dinner at Newk’s tonight before church, and Emerson went to town on her mac & cheese.

We had a few extra minutes before church started, so we hung out outside. She was pickin’ all the tiny little wildflower weeds, and just generally being so cute.

And holy cow I just love the portrait mode on my phone camera! (I have a Google Pixel 3, and I love it.)

We had a great night at choir rehearsal tonight. We are working hard and rehearsing lots of things for our upcoming Easter services, one of which is a sunrise service. Last year, Jeff and I both ended up with a stomach bug on Easter weekend, and I couldn’t even go to church. And it was so weird not to go to church or family lunch for Easter! So I’m looking forward to it even more now this year, since we missed out last year.

Daddy was tickling Emerson like crazy after church, and she had the best baby giggles and belly laughs. This girl is just so happy!

We played and laughed and tickled for just a few more minutes at home, and then got baby nugget ready for bed. Daddy read her books and put her to sleep, and she was once again out like a light. Gonna go clean out the fridge & round up all the trash for Jeff to take outside, because tomorrow is our pick-up day. And then I’m sure we’ll find something to watch on Netflix for a bit, before heading to bed ourselves.

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