Bubble Heaven & Book Talk

Emerson wanted to go for a little pony ride at school this morning!

I went back to Kohl’s on my lunch break today, to attempt to return/exchange the bras I bought over the weekend. Because while I did try them on super fast, I didn’t spend enough time in them to realize how uncomfortable they were! I wore one yesterday, & hated it. BUT, I forgot my receipt today (it was in my smaller, weekend purse at home), and since I paid in cash, they were only going to be able to give me $20 back of the $60 I paid. So I said no thanks to that deal, and I’ll have to go back Saturday, receipt in hand. I also tried on a few more dresses while I was there, but didn’t buy one. This one was almost good (it looked better in person than in these pics), and while it was a little tight across the chest, the real reason I didn’t get it, was because it was $80! That’s just not my speed for a relatively simple cotton dress.

But it was really nice outside, and it was good to get out of the building for a little while! Oh, and I grabbed a sub from Jimmy John’s before heading back to work.

Photos from her teachers today – arts & crafts, playground time, sitting in bookshelves, and checking out Ms. Julia’s book with her, when she woke up from her nap a little early.

As soon as Emerson got in the car after school, she saw the Saltine’s in the middle cup holder that Grandmommie left there after dinner at Newk’s yesterday. And of course she was just starving and had to have them right away!

Before dinner, we played in the backyard with the new bubble gun we found on clearance at Kohl’s last weekend. Emerson just absolutely loves bubbles! She always asks for bubbles in her bath, she points on the bubbles in a boiling pot of water on the stove, she gets excited over the bubbles in the car wash & bath time song videos on YouTube, and just generally loves bubbles. So she was in bubble heaven tonight!

And of course I had to get some bubble photos in portrait mode!

In other news, a friend asked me today for some book recommendations, and I might have gone a little overboard with s giant list. It was just so fun going through my Goodreads list and finding ones I loved, that I think she would like too! If any of you would also like this list, let me know and I can forward it to you. She requested “real life kinds of stories, like, no sci-fi,” if that sounds like you’re kind of thing. But I’ve also got plenty of other “not real life” suggestions too, if that’s more your thing. I just love talking about books!

We had chicken taquitos & yellow rice for dinner, and it was a hit. It was just frozen, store-bought taquitos & leftover rice (plus I made a “dipping sauce” by just mixing salsa & sour cream), but everyone loved the meal!

And just like on Monday with Grandmommie, Emerson acted like she wanted to get down out of her high chair, but really she just wanted Daddy to hold her, while she stole an entire taquito off of his plate!

After bath selfies, followed by teeth brushing. (Side note – toddlers are terrible at brushing their own teeth, but they’re also too independent to let you help them.)

After she was dressed in jammies, and I brushed her hair, she kept patting her head and asking for a bow. I told her she could wear one tomorrow morning (I had actually already picked one out for her outfit), but she was pretty insistent. So she wore one for about 10 minutes during bedtime books and such. And it really was do pretty!

So back in like 2012 when Jeff and I were just dating (we met online in May 2011 & started dating right away; maybe I’ll share that story here sometime…), we binge watched a show called “Fringe.” It’s a drama/mystery/sci-fi series made by J.J. Abrams, and we absolutely loved it. Well, we decided to re-watch it, and so we started it over the weekend, and watched two episodes. Now it’s time for another one, and I’m just so excited! We seriously loved it, and I feel giddy to watch it again, because it was so long ago, and I only remember parts of it, so it’s almost brand new again. Have any of y’all heard of it, or have y’all watched it? It’s so great!

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