May 2022

Perfect At-Home Summer Kickoff Day

We had the most perfect at-home, summer day today. We were busy little bees, and I’m exhausted (I’m the only one still awake, Jeff has been asleep since about 8:30 already), so let’s jump into it… Egg-in-the-hole for Jeff and me for breakfast, Addie had  scrambled egg & buttered bread, but Emmie just wanted cereal.

Frustrating Night

Before work this morning, I got busy on our dinner for tonight. I was craving a crockpot pot roast, after smelling it in my friend Heather’s office one day last week (when she brought her leftovers for lunch), and decided I needed to make one this week. I had the potatoes from my friend Amanda’s backyard garden, and Heather gave me those onions from her dad’s backyard garden, and even though I didn’t have the Ranch seasoning packet, I added some of the herbs & spices to mimic those flavors. And so by 7am, I was already looking forward to coming home at the end of the day, with my house smelling amazing. And looking forward to eating that delicious meal!

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