December 2018

A Look Back at Two Thousand Eighteen

Well, 2018 has been a fun year, hasn’t it? I started blogging again, my sister got pregnant, Emerson turned 1, we went on a cruise for our 5-year anniversary… And those are just the BIG things, but there have been so many wonderful “small” moments of every day life as well. I’m so glad I started journaling them here, so I can remember tiny moments like what Emerson had for dinner one night, or when she got attached to a little stuffed puppy dog.

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My Year In Books – 2018

Y’all know how much I love reading. I frequently mention on my daily posts which books I’m currently reading or listening to, and often share photos and screen shots. Even still, I definitely don’t mention every single book on my blog. So for my fellow book lovers, I figured I would do a round-up of some of the best and worst books I’ve read in this past year.

There are a bunch of lists below, for favorites, least favorites, best audio, favorites of all-time, and even books I started but didn’t finish. There are also a bunch of links included. All of the book links take you to Goodreads, because I feel that’s where the best synopses are. If you’re interested, most Goodreads pages have links to buy the books as well, although a lot of them can be found at the library, which is where most of my books come from. There are a few other links for how & where I read, so you’ll know those when you see them.

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Pullen Christmas

Jeff got up super early to drive with him mom to pick up the boys. They are spending a week here with us on their Christmas break. So Emerson and I went to my parents house to have breakfast with them and Grandmommie.

And then we went all around town to run some errands. we went to Walmart, Kohl’s and Target. We found a set of Frozen pj’s on clearance for $3 for Emerson, and these adorable slippers for $4, which clearly she bonded with very quickly.

She needed to try them on once we got back to their house, so she took them to Pepaw to put them on for her.

Then she got this box leftover from Christmas, and was pushing/carrying it around. So we put her inside of it! She stood there for a while, and let Grammy feed her bites of her lunch.

I mainly just bought diapers today…

Once we got home after lunch at my parents, Emerson took a two-hour nap, while I worked more on my 2019 Shutterfly calendar. (It takes me forever, because I go back through each month, and choose my favorites. Then January 2018 photos get put on the calendar for January 2019, and so on… and it’s tedious, but it makes a great calendar!) Then when she woke up, we had lots of sweet Mommy-Daughter play time, followed by snack time and a movie.

We played in the front yard for just a little bit, even though it was pretty warm and super humid, and overall just didn’t feel too great outside today. But fresh air was nice, and this girl just loves to be outside!

I had a few books on hold at the library that were ready for pick up, so we headed there. We got there only 15 minutes before closing time, but we had fun wandering around and seeing all the things. Emerson even checked out her very first library book! I’m so proud of her!

I finished this book a couple of days ago (returned it tonight), and I still have some thoughts about it. It was a good book, but definitely not easy to read. Quick synopsis – active shooter situation with hostages, at an abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi. So you can obviously see how that would be difficult. But it definitely gave me things to think about. 

This is 2016’s Top 9 Instagram photos. Number 1 (top left) is Manatee Springs State park; #2 (top middle) we bought our very first house; 3 – first Christmas in our new house; 4 – family vacation in North Carolina; 5 – one of my all-time favorite books;  6 – we love Harry Potter; 7- pretty tree at our new house; 8 – trunk or treat igloo; 8 – the day we adopted Pretzel, 2/13/16.

Anyways, after the library, we went over to Jeff’s parents house for pizza dinner, and Christmas with the boys and the Pullen’s. 

The boys were so proud of their present for Emmie – they picked it out themselves, because they thought it would look good in her bedroom. It even has little mermaids on it. They were so excited for her to open it.

And Nana & PopPop gave her this Moana doll, and of course she loved it!

The boys’ big present from Nana & PopPop this year was the Nintendo Switch, which they have been the opposite of subtle asking for it. But nonetheless, they were still over the moon ecstatic to open their last present and find it was exactly what they asked for!

Well their actual last present was a game from us, to go with their new system.

After a bath, Emerson put on some her new jammies she got for Christmas, and her new slippers we got at Walmart today.

Then we FaceTime’d with Nita’s two sisters who live in West Virginia.

Just maxin & relaxin.

Nana had to follow us home in her car, so we could fit all the stuff and the luggage and the people, since there was wayyy too much stuff for just my one car. Once it was all unloaded in the dining room, Emmie just made herself right at home smack dab in the middle of things!

OK. And now that I’m finally finished with this super long post, I’ve got to go finish up the last little bit of my calendar, so I can order it tonight before the free code expires! Night friends!

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Well, it’s almost 10:40 p.m. and I’m just now starting this blog post. Honestly, I got started and added all my photos in, and then got distracted and forgot! I’ve been busy working on making my 2019 calendar on Shutterfly, and forgot to finish my blog! So here’s a super fast recap of the day, filled with mostly photos…

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Pink Owls

Look at this sweet girl in a new outfit! She kept making sure the hood was still up on her little head. And it’s ironic she wore this outfit today with owls on it, since over the long weekend, Daddy taught her about owls. You can ask her, “Emerson, what does an owl say?” And with her adorable little voice she will day, “who who!” It’s so cute I can’t handle it!

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Christmas Eve: Pancakes & Pajamas

For Lord only knows what reason, Emerson decided she needed to wake up at 6 a.m. today. (For the record, she wouldn’t usually sleep till 7 on a regular weekday.) So we started off our day super early. she had some milk, and then ate some Cheerios, and then we played tea party for a while, while waiting on the family to show up.

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Afternoon Nursery Adventures

My teeny girl was super fancy at church this morning. She was wearing a new pink, floofy dress with gold stars, and she even had on white patent leather shoes, with tiny little heels. Unfortunately though, we didn’t get a picture of the shoes, because they were giving her blisters & we had to take them off. So she wandered the church barefoot after the service, but she didn’t seem to mind.

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Christmas Oranges

Ok let’s start out with some rather un-exciting before & after photos, from cleaning one of our bathroom sinks with the new Bar Keeper’s Friend cleaner I got the other day. At first I didn’t think it did much, but then looking at the photos side-by-side, I can see it helped quite a bit! This sink is in the front, spare room, so it was partly dirty from dust, and just rusty since it’s like 55 years old. Anyways, I’ll just be over here scrubbing everything I can with this stuff all over the house.

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