Princess Carriage

We started off our lovely Saturday with egg & cheese sandwiches at home, Emmie had hers “deconstructed.”

Side note – she was still wearing her Peanuts shirt this morning from yesterday, because after putting on her doggie pj pants last night, I asked her if she wanted to wear her pink shirt or her her Peanuts shirt, she pointed at the Peanuts shirt she was still wearing!

Then she tried to help get herself dressed. She actually has learned to out her socks on by herself, but not so much the pants. Although she was certainly trying hard!

Then we got out & about doing some last minute Christmas shopping and errands. And if y’all need to know, there is lots of stuff left at Old Navy, and it’s all on sale! We got a ton of things today (4 t-shirts & 2 pants for the boys, 1 baby dress, and 6 onesies), all for $71!

We ran by the in-laws house to check on their puppies for them, and Emmie and I stayed in the car, but Daddy brought them over so Emerson could see them. And she loved it!

After Emmie ate a big lunch of leftover tortellini, she went down for a nap for about an hour and a half.

While she napped (and Jeff slept off a headache), I washed all the dishes, cleaned the counter top, and did some serious tidying up in the kitchen.

Once baby girl woke up, I put on her mittens to test them out. And she LOVED them! She didn’t want to take them off! So she just played for like 20 minutes, while still wearing her little sheep mittens. It was so cute!

Then we went for a late lunch (since only Emmie ate at 11am) at 2pm, at our favorite, CFA. Then free treat was a frosted coffee, and you better believe I wanted one of those!

After some more cleaning and play time at home together this afternoon, Emmie was tired out and took a short little nap. While Jeff snoozed on the couch, I got in a little reading time.

I love when the house is so neat & tidy! I still have more work to do in the dining room, but we’ll work on that tomorrow.

Then we went over to Jeff’s parents house. They have been out of town for a few days, and will leave again tomorrow after church to go out of town again. So we snuck over to have dinner with them tonight. And Nana just couldn’t wait any longer to give Emmie her big gift – this tiny pink Minni Mouse couch!

We’re actually going to leave it over at their house, next to her pink Minnie Mouse play kitchen. She’ll have enough to furnish her own apartment soon!

Then Jeff and his Dad ran to Olive Garden to grab our carry out order, and Nana and I took Emerson on a walk in her princess carriage! This was her birthday gift from Jeff’s parents, but due to the scorching July heat, then just busyness, a cruise, and a hurricane, we finally just now got to use it! And she loved it!

Then we all ate way too much Italian food for dinner, complete with salad and bread sticks.

Then Mrs. Nita couldn’t wait any longer to give Jeff and I each a present, so we both got to open one too. Didn’t get any photos of that though. We did bath time there at their house, and got baby girl dressed in some Christmas jammies.

After a little bit of silliness while her milk heated up at home, she was super tired and ready to go to sleep.

Today was a great first day of Christmas break, and I loved every minute of it! Tomorrow should be really nice as well. Right now, we’re watching “Christmas with the Kranks,” and working on labeling Emmie’s old clothes, and packing them away, which is a chore I’ve been avoiding/ignoring for months, but finally forcing us to work on together.

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