Baby Snow Bunny

It was about 35° this morning, so Emerson wore a super cute, super warm outfit for church today. Complete with new baby snow bunny boots! And you can tell she was feelin’ her new outfit.

Then to walk into church, she bundled up in her pink faux fur coat and sheep mittens, and she was so warm & cozy!

Then she had lots of fun with her friends during Sunday school.

And then she was so stinking excited to see Grammy, Pepaw & Grandmommie after the service!

We stopped by Esposito’s to look for a cruise ship ornament to commimerate this past year, but we didn’t find one. Emmie did however find this giant blow-up doggie, and if it wasn’t $80, we might have considered getting it… By the way, she still wasn’t a Santa fan, but she was ok with Mommy holding her, where she could check him out from a safe distance…

We grabbed Chinese take-out from Tan’s next door, then took it home to eat lunch. Emmie ate my sweet & sour chicken really well. That is, until I accidentally spilled the whole tub of sweet & sour sauce down the front of her t-shirt (thankfully we had changed her clothes), and she freaked out. My fingers were greasy from tearing chicken pieces for her, and it just slipped out of my hands! Poor girl did not like it.

So once I got her cleaned up and calmed down, she was ready for nap time. Then she slept 2 hours. And Jeff and I got some more work done around the house. Once she woke up, I thought she would like to do some coloring, but she wasn’t really all that interested. So we decided to get her dressed in her cute dress again, and head out on a family adventure!

We first went to the Chain of Parks downtown, because I thought there was a winter wonderland set up there. But there wasn’t. So I’m thinking maybe it’s only there during the weekend of the parade? So after running around an empty park for a few minutes, we loaded back up in the car.

we stopped by my parents house for a few minutes just to surprise them, since we were close by. My dad wasn’t there, but my mom was excited to see Emerson for a little bit. We only stayed for 15 or 20 minutes, and then we headed out to Dorothy B. Oven Park.

She spotted this little penguin that’s exactly like the one in our driveway, and I was so impressed that she recognized it all on her own!

I think she just looks like a perfect little baby doll sitting on this tiny bench. She’s too cute for me to handle!

We actually ran into one of her little besties from school with her parents, and they for really cute waving at each other when they recognized each other.

When we got home and I was putting her in her high chair for dinner, I accidentally pinched her little thigh in the seat buckle. She was kind of slow to react, but then when she did, she was screaming her little head off. She was so sad and pitiful, and wouldn’t let me put her back in her seat, even after she’d calm down 10 minutes later. She ate dinner just sitting in my lap at the table, and then she snuggled up with Daddy watching “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas,” while eating a leftover donut hole from church this morning. I think she was just over-tired from our big afternoon running around the parks, and she was sleepy and ready for bed. She drank her milk, and she was ready to go to sleep.

Jeff and I are going to do just a little bit more tidying up around the house, and get ready to host my family for Christmas Eve breakfast tomorrow morning. Then we’re going to watch “Elf,” which is, of course, one of our favorites.

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