Emerson’s Red Jeep Wrangler

First thing this morning, Emerson helped her favorite teacher, Ms. Q, “open” her Christmas present. She’s very helpful that way.

Today was “wear red & green from head to toe,” so we went for it! And she really likes this t-shirt. I asked her about her Peanuts t-shirt, and she looked down & pointed at it like this, and just looked very pleased about it, and with herself.

Ok guys, check this out! Our favorite car dealership (Stallings in Cairo, Ga) had been giving away an awesome prize every month of the year. December’s prize was a child-size little red Jeep, and today they announced the winner. And it was my mom! So Emerson is getting a Jeep for Christmas! My family is already making jokes about my dad adding a towing package, so Emmie can drive the triplets around!

I stayed in my office for my lunch break today. But my coworker Toni was sweet enough to pick up the meal I ordered through the app for me! Today was free strips, and while I definitely like the nuggets best, they were free!

For a late afternoon snack, I used the new mug I got in our office white elephant exchange last week, and made a microwave mug cake brownie. And it was sooo good.

Meanwhile, my Dad went to Growing Room, to attend Emerson’s Christmas party! They had slightly fancier snacks, on Santa plates, with red & green tablecloths.

And this was the last photo we got of the day, apparently from when she was playing chef.

After the party, Pepaw just checked her out for the day, and took her on home with him! And clearly they got into a lot of fun stuff!

And then we went to Dreamland for a BBQ dinner. she got tired of sitting in her high chair before we were all done eating though, so we had to take turns walking around the restaurant, then walking outside to see all the people ice skating. she finally ate a couple of my mom’s fries, and one chip, before it’s time for us to leave the restaurant. But we packed up her baked potato to take home, and I got her to eat a few bites once we got home and we were sitting in the floor playing.

And then she was being so sweet & cute, we kept her up 30 minutes past her bedtime, so we could have some extra play time with her.

Today today was a good day at work, a good evening with family, and a good night at home with the baby. But now I have five full days off of work, and I couldn’t be more excited! especially since two of them are State paid holidays! Then daycare is still closed on Wednesday, so I took the day off for that too. we don’t have any plans for Saturday or Sunday, so we just are going to take it easy, wrap some presents, and prepare for Christmas day!

and now it’s time for another Christmas movie on Netflix while cuddled up under a soft blanket! Good night friends!

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