Christmas Jammies & Limo Rides

Today was Christmas pajama day at daycare, and Miss Emerson was rockin’ her reindeer jammies! of course the green haribo was adorable, but she had already taken it out by the time I left her classroom.

On my lunch break, I ran a few more Christmas-related shopping errands, and then filled up my gas tank. Have y’all seen how low gas prices are these days? It was $2.06 a gallon today, and I was absolutely floored without cheap it was to fill up! Maybe one day soon it’ll get back down to under $2!?

And since I was out and about, I grabbed a quick cheeseburger from Zacadoo’s on the Parkway, and scarfed it down in my car before heading back into the building. I have only been there one time before, but that was over five and a half years ago. So this was practically still my first time, and it was yummy!

Then I sipped on my giant sweet tea the rest of the afternoon. And my boss Michelle have is all these adorably tiny hand sanitizers, that smell like cookies.

And we got a ton of photos in our parent app from the school today, and they made me literally laugh out loud! The next 6 ate all from daycare…

One of her teachers gave her this funny little reindeer hat, and apparently she like it enough to wear it around for quite a while!

After work, my mama picked up Emmie from school, to save me from getting in all the elf night traffic on Thomasville Road. Then I met her & my dad & Emerson for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Emmie and I came home around 6:30 and watched a little bit of Frozen before bath time. and since she still has quite a terrible diaper rash on her buns, we did another oatmeal bath tonight (which is why the water looks like ditch water). This time she wasn’t leery of it at all, and sat down and started playing right away. She was super splashy tonight, and she was just having a grand old time in there!

after bath time, I handed her this book and she just sat there flipping the pages so sweetly and quietly. Then I made a funny noise so she would look up at me and smile, and it worked like a charm!

This is the little silk lovey my grandmother made for her, just like the one I had when I was a baby. She’s been carrying it around a lot more than usual this past week, and she’s just so sweet with it.

And now for a flashback… On this day back in 2012, my parents had us all over for family dinner. Then they surprised us when a limo pulled up in front of the house! The drive took us all around town to look at Christmas lights, and we had so much fun!

And then Bo’s brother, Zach, put our photo into one of those face swap apps, and created this hilarious monstrosity!

Jeff is out working on some computer work for a church friend. So I’m bundled up watching a cheesy, Christmas rom-com. But it’s turning out really cute! It’s called “Dear Santa” on Netflix, if you want to watch it! one more day of work tomorrow, and then we get a four-day, holiday weekend!

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