September 2019

Pizza, Cupcakes & Laundry

Y’all know Emerson has a snack every morning at home, before we leave for school. Sometimes that’s just a few bites of a granola bar, or sometimes it’s a cookie. Today she had a small bag of Goldfish, and we took it to-go in the car. She wanted to take it into school with her as well, but then she quickly traded it for a muffin instead!


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Grammy’s Birthday Dinner

You guys! We slept in till 7:45 this morning! That’s the latest we’ve slept in quite a while. I was even able to get up and spend about 7 minutes mixing up the pumpkin muffins, and put them in the oven, before getting Emerson out of her crib. (She was awake, but just laying there resting quietly, so I left her there for a bit.) She then proceeded to wander around the house carrying quite an armload of things.

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Christmas Choir Kick-off 2019

Tater Tot woke up at 4am today. For no apparent reason. I went in to rock her for a while and get her back to sleep, but it took about 35 minutes. Even then, she didn’t want me to lay her down, but I told her Mommy was too tired to hold her (I was nodding off in the chair while rocking her), and she needed to sleep in her bed for a little while longer before it was time to get up. So I laid her down and covered her up, and scratched her back for a few minutes, which she loves. And then I crept back to my bed.

And then by 5:55, she was awake again, and calling for Mommy. So I went to get her, planning to bring her back to our bed for just a bit and keep her calm (I usually get up at 6:15am), but she was just instantly wide awake and silly and sweet, but not quiet and calm. So Jeff took her in the living room to watch a movie while I got dressed, and she wanted Cheetos for her morning snack. Haha, this girl and her snacks.

About halfway through getting myself ready, I came to check on them, and this is how I found them. Emmie quietly crunching her Cheetos, and Daddy just “resting his eyes.”


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Tropical Toddler

As I was getting Emmie out of the car this morning, she got mad at me, because I wouldn’t let her bring her ball into school. I told her it might get lost or something, but it would be waiting in her car seat for after school. None of that mattered though, and she was starting to cry and be so upset. BUT then she saw Ms. Q getting out of her car and walking towards us, and look at this happy little girl! She still loves Q so much 🙂


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