November 2019

Two New Advent Calendars

First off, this is my 600th entry on this blog! I’ve been writing in this space for over a year and a half, and still loving it (except for rare occasions when an entire post disappears), and still so thankful y’all read it so regularly! So thank you!

Our Christmas tree looks so pretty first thing this morning, even with no decorations on it yet! We also moved the strand of lights from over the top of the record player, to the top of this row of four windows, and I’m loving it!


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Pigtails on Black Friday

So today is Saturday, but this post is for Black Friday. Some of you may seen my Facebook post about me writing the entire post, and then somehow the entire post disappearing. I was soooo aggravated. But I’m feeling brave, so I’m gonna re-write it today, before writing today’s post….

She loves helping with chores – look how proud of herself she was helping Daddy bring the trash cans back down from the road!


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Leopard, Leftovers & Lollipops

My very fashionable toddler specifically requested to wear a hair bow today. So Mommy made sure to pick and outfit and headband to match each other today – pink leopard print with a cream headband! And of course she looks adorable! Poor little thing has a super runny nose though, and is just very congested. But since she didn’t have a fever, we gave her some children’s Claritin (which will hopefully help dry out her nose) and sent her on to school for the day.


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Prettiest Pumpkin in the Patch

I started out the day by making a double batch of “stick of butter rice” to take for our church Thanksgiving lunch. It’s the most simple thing, and I’ve made this for the last three years in a row, but it’s sooo good! (And I put the Christmas box on the counter, where it was sure to be remembered.) Here’s the post from this event last year, if you’re interesting in checking that out.

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$4 Coat & 100 Books

You guys! All of a sudden, Florida just decided to begin winter overnight! Since it was a mere 34° when I dropped off Emerson at school at 7:30 a.m., she got to wear not only a new outfit (from Old Navy) but also the new-to-her coat we got for the low low price of $4 at the One Week Boutique last month! It’s super soft and cozy, and she loved it. And of course she looks adorable in it! Glad we were thinking ahead and bought a new one, knowing we would need it eventually, so we were prepared this morning.


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Plan Your Taquitos

So apparently, when I set out her clothes for the week, I had paired this pink, red & black shirt with pants that were actually navy. So when Jeff was getting her dressed for school this morning, he grabbed the first pair of black pants he could find, but it appears they are just a teensy bit too short for her! But she’s still cute, either way. And she was just being weird & silly, waving her hands around and doing all sorts of funny little moves.


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Bath Robes & Pink Toes

First of all, thank you to all the amazing men and women who have bravely served our country. I could never do it myself, but I am incredibly grateful for those who have. And thank you for an extra holiday to celebrate!

This sweet girl and I got to sleep in until about 8am. (Pretzel to be at the vet for a check-up 7:30, but Jeff was nice enough to take him and let me sleep.) It was chilly when we woke up, so we both put on our super was & cozy bath robes, and watched cartoons together all snuggled up on the couch. (This isn’t flattering of me, but who cares, the memory is what counts.)

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