February 2020

Pink Leopard Girl

Our wake-up call came at 6:30 this morning, so I got up super early and watched “Oliver & Company” from Disney+ on the couch together, snuggled up and super sweet. The beginning that movie was more sad than I remember, and my tender-hearted girl was so worried about the sad, lonely kitty cat in the rain. So next time we watch it, we’re skipping the first scene! We woke Jeff up around 8-ish, and made some breakfast. I had the idea to make her scrambled egg similar to our egg-in-the-holes, and she loved it like that!


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Sweeter Bedtime

After last night’s debacle, it was around 9:30pm last night, that Jeff finally laid Emerson down in her bed. She woke up a little bit then and asked for me, but she ended up falling asleep all on her own. She then woke up around 1:15am, whining and groaning a little bit. It woke me up, so I watched her on the security camera searching for her paci, and once she found it, she went back to sleep. So luckily, I didn’t even have to actually get out of the bed.

And then when we woke her up this morning, she was mostly back to her normal, happy self. But by the time we got to school, this girl was being so silly & goofy!


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Taco Tuesday

On the way to school today, Emerson realized that she wanted her tiny bunny, but that it wasn’t in the car with us, because she left it sitting at home on the coffee table. She started to have a mini freak out, so I assured her Daddy would take care if the tiny bunny. But she didn’t want that. Instead, she just wanted him to put the tiny bunny in the bed with her bigger bunny, Anna. So we called him to ask, and he said he would send us a picture for her to see once we got to school. And that did the trick to calm her down, and she was pleased as punch to see the photo once we got to school!


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Charcuterie Lunch

Apparently Emerson found the missing Trader Joe’s sticker in the car this morning (remember she had one on her forehead when we got home yesterday, but she had been given two at the store), so this is how I found her when I opened the car door at school this morning! She was also very clearly enjoying a chocolate chip cookie, as evidenced by the mess on her little mouth.


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No-Nap Monday

Still going strong loving her new Cinderella toothbrush. She had been pretty good about brushing before, but now with this new toothbrush from the dentists office, she’s even more into it. (Also, that dry patch of skin on her cheek is finally getting better, after we got my friend Abby/Emmie’s pediatrician to look at it yesterday at church, and recommended simple hydrocortisone.)


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Galentine’s Tea Party 2020

Today was our fourth annual Galentine’s Tea Party. We woke up early and ate a small tiny breakfast of half a muffin, and then got busy working! We had a few more things to take care of around the house this morning, plus getting ourselves ready, and working on the food. Jeff left to go to breakfast & a movie with his dad, then all the ladies came over, all bearing gorgeous platters of delicious food, and we had a lovely tea party!


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Emerson’s First Dentist Visit

The title has given us away already, but Little Miss Emerson had her very first dental cleaning this morning! It wasn’t her first ever visit though – y’all probably remember when one of her front teeth turned dark gray last October, after falling and hitting it. We did a quick consultation back then for them to just check it out, but she wasn’t on our dental insurance yet, so we waited for her first official cleaning until after the start of this year.


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Completing Two Projects

Who wants to guess if Emerson woke up early or not today? If you didn’t guess YES OF COURSE SHE DID, then you must be new here 🙂 She woke up super early, then cuddled in bed with me watching a few videos, before I had to get up to get ready. Then she snuggled with Daddy eating mini muffins and watching Veggie Tales in the living room. When it was time to get her dressed, I put her pants on first, and when she looked down, she announced, “these are for my cheetah shirt!” I was so impressed with her for remembering that! So she was pumped about this outfit, and the matching shoes.


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