July 2018

Surprises from Hubby

Tonight’s blog post is dedicated to my sweet hubby, who I don’t brag on nearly often enough. He does all sorts of things for our family around the house (like always take out the diapers, trash & recycling), and he just takes such good care of Emerson and I. Most recently, he was sweet take it upon himself enough to order me a few things on Amazon he knew I needed, but hadn’t actually asked for.

He got me a new PopSocket when my old one wore out, and he nailed the style/color/design choice, that’s just so perfect for me. It matches my phone perfectly, and my nails currently match both. …

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Mamma Mia! with Mama & Sissy

My baby girl wore this adorable hand-me-down romper (from her sweet Sunday school teacher) to school today, and the blue looks so good on her! I love her best in blues, greens, & purples, rather than the traditional girly pink options, so this blue romper is one of my new faves. I sent the photos to family this morning, and said, “Emerson is rompin’ around school today!”

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Church & A Restful Afternoon

This morning our Sunday started out with another Mommy-Daughter breakfast. Today we had pears & peach Cheerio’s, and more Activia for Emmie. (Poor girl is still having some constipation issues.) Jeff had to be at church super early today at 7:30 (we usually don’t get there until at least 9am, for Sunday school at 9:15), but as a Deacon, he was in charge of all the prep for the Lord’s Supper. So it was just me & Emmie for breakfast, and it was a sweet time together. 

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Fabulous Friday

Y’all, Emerson had a GREAT day at school today. One of her favorite part-time staffers was in her room this morning, and Emmie was so excited to see her, she actually leaned & reached for her while I was holding her. Moments like that make it easier to leave her there every day! And then the school sent us all of these great photos of her having a blast out on the playground this morning!

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Puppy Pants + Protection

We almost missed the window to wear this little outfit Emerson got for Christmas. (Pretty sure they’re from Jeff’s mom?) But we got them out of the drawer today, and they’re adorable! We have a mini long-haired Doxie, so the puppies on this outfit are just like her puppy! Perfect!

And now that I’m writing this (and she’s sound asleep in her crib), I realize we totally should have tried to get a photo of Emerson & Pretzel together!

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Tight Pants & New Shoes + ENT Appointment

Well it’s now Tuesday night, and Emerson hasn’t had a fever since Sunday morning, so I’m thinking we’re officially out of the viral woods! (Knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx her/us.) She went back to daycare today, even though she seemed to not be feeling quite a good as usual. I think she’s just still not completely well, so she was quieter & calmer this morning. She is however wearing a new outfit and new shoes, so maybe that’s making her feel a little better? Her little pants are adorable, but a little tight, and I kept singing the “tight pants” song from Jimmy Fallon. But look at these kitty shoes! These are one of the two pairs we got at Walmart yesterday for $5 each, and they’re just too cute.

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Baby’s Getting Better!

We went to the doctor’s office first thing this morning, even though she hadn’t had a fever since first thing yesterday morning. Our usual doctor/friend Abby was off today, but we saw Mona the nurse practitioner, who we also really like. She said Emerson’s lungs sounded great and her ears were clear. So that means it was probably just something viral. We still kept her home one more day today though.

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Sick Baby Sunday

Well the day started out with Emerson crying screaming at 5:45am. We went running into her room, and she was drenched in sweat and super upset. She had another fever, back up to 103. We got her changed and calmed down, and then I just held her in the living room recliner for about an hour, while we both dozed off and on. Then we snuggled and watched Moana for a while. Finally, she started perking up and waking up, and so we got some breakfast. Daddy went to church, but Mommy & Baby stayed home.

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Well after Emerson felt so bad last night (high fever & a one-time vomit), I was expecting today to still be rough. She woke up this early this morning with a relatively low fever, so I gave her some meds right away. And then the fever never came back! She wasn’t her usual spunky self, but she was pretty good. She ate pears for breakfast, and then while I cooked & ate my own breakfast, she had a TON of blueberry Puff’s and peach Cheerio’s.

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Donut Breakfast & Quesadilla Supper

Today for school spirit Friday, Emerson was rocking her “Fun to Be Fit” summer daycare shirt. And even though it’s a size 2T and obviously huge, she’s still adorable in it. And something about the t-shirt instead a onesie makes her seem like such a big girl. And those little shorty-shorts! Ah! Kill me!

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Dinner at Red Robin

Well this morning, Mommy was a goofball, and accidentally put on Emerson’s romper backwards. I snapped her all up the front just like everything was normal, and didn’t even notice until Jeff was carrying her to the car, that the cute little bow that’s usually on her belly button, was on her back… So I just took her to school like that, and they fixed it with her first diaper change. 

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Another Family Night at Home

Emmie is still just taking her time with the whole walking thing. She will stand more on her own, but only when she wants to. At drop-off this morning, I tried to get her to walk to me (and I really thought she was about to), but of course she just plopped back to her butt. Then she turned around & stood up, and I thought she was gonna walk to Ms. Heather reading her a book (to distract from my departure), but then she didn’t do that either…

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Hot House with Busted A/C

Spoiler alert – as I’m writing this at 10:30pm, it’s no longer busted. But when we first woke up this morning, it was 80° in the house, and the vents we’re blowing out warm air. It felt terrible, even though it was only 7am. Long story short – my uncle gave me a contact for a guy who repaired his a/c recently, and he came a few hours later & had it fixed in about 10 minutes flat. And it’ll only cost a couple hundred dollars, which I’m totally ok with since ya know, it’s July in Florida. So if you need an air guy, lemme know, because now I have an air guy. #homeowners

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Emerson’s 1st Birthday Party!

Tonight, we celebrated our precious baby girl, with her very own Moana-themed birthday party! She still wasn’t feeling too great from yesterday’s shots, but we all made the most of it. There were 19 people here, which is the most we’ve ever had in our house, and the most people I’ve ever prepared a meal for. But it went great, and we’ve even got leftovers! We had BBQ pulled pork sliders on King’s Hawaiian rolls, Hawaiian pasta salad, potato salad, crab dip & crackers, a green salad with homemade vineagrette dressing, fruit skewers, Tidal Wave punch, plus Goldfish & Veggie Straws, since those are Emmie’s fave snacks. And of course cake & ice cream!

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Party Prep

I’m just taking a quick break from working, so I’ll be brief with my updates today, so I can get back to it!

I picked up Emerson early from school today, because the punkin had her 12-month doctors appointment today! She’s 8th percentile for both height & weight, and her doctor (who is also one of our best friends, Abby. Hi, Abby!), is pleased with her growth & progress. She’s also ahead of the curve as far as her skills & development, so go Emmie! We did have to get four shots today though, so that was super sad and traumatic. Poor sweet baby.

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