Mamma Mia! with Mama & Sissy

My baby girl wore this adorable hand-me-down romper (from her sweet Sunday school teacher) to school today, and the blue looks so good on her! I love her best in blues, greens, & purples, rather than the traditional girly pink options, so this blue romper is one of my new faves. I sent the photos to family this morning, and said, “Emerson is rompin’ around school today!”

And you’ll never guess what I did on my quick, 30-minute lunch break today…. I ran to the library! I had to return the Lauren Graham book I finished last week, and pick up a new one I’ve been on the hold list for. Can you guys tell I love reading? I’m actually surprised at how much I’ve been able to read this year, now that baby girl takes up so much of my free time. But when you really love it, you find time to make time, right?!

Also, I’ve really hit my stride with the whole audio book situation, so that helps a ton! Speaking of which, I finished another one this morning, and it was so, so good. It’s a “middle grade” book, but definitely doesn’t feel juvenile or cheesy in any way. I’d recommend this book to just about anyone, but especially if you’re interested in all things WWII, like I am.

After work, I rushed to pick up Emerson from school, and then rushed home to make the easiest, fastest dinner. We had Trader Joe’s cheese tortellini with marinara and pesto (you should try mixing them sometime, it’s delish), plus green beans on the side (ya know, healthy veggies & all that) and had a quick family dinner with just the three of us.

Then once I had scarfed down my pasta, I put my sandals back on, and jumped in my car, to race to AMC to meet my Mama & Sister. Yesterday afternoon, Megan texted us asking if we were available for a girls night tonight to see “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” and we both jumped at the chance! The three of us all love the first movie, and first saw it together in theaters when it came out 10 years ago in 2008. During my middle school years (circa 2000-2003), my sister and I were obsessed with the band A-Teens, which was a teenage “tribute band” who just exclusively sang covers of ABBA songs. At the time though, I thought it was “original music.” (Mama may or may not have told us back then, but I honestly don’t remember.) Only years later did I even realize they were a “cover band,” of old-school 70’s music.

Anyways, we knew we had to all see this new movie together, and I’m so glad it worked out for us to do that tonight! I missed out on getting to put my baby girl to sleep, but time spent with my mama & sister make it worth it. Plus, I know she was in great hands with her Daddy, who she loves so much. The three of us had a big time singing along in the theater, and don’t think our fellow movie-goers minded too much, since they were all doing the same. It was a really good movie, even though I like the first one better still.

I’m home safe & sound now, and the rain is steady coming down. Gonna sleep good tonight!

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