Church & A Restful Afternoon

This morning our Sunday started out with another Mommy-Daughter breakfast. Today we had pears & peach Cheerio’s, and more Activia for Emmie. (Poor girl is still having some constipation issues.) Jeff had to be at church super early today at 7:30 (we usually don’t get there until at least 9am, for Sunday school at 9:15), but as a Deacon, he was in charge of all the prep for the Lord’s Supper. So it was just me & Emmie for breakfast, and it was a sweet time together. 

I then had nursery duty in Emerson’s class during the Sunday school hour, and it was so cute & fun! Mrs. Kristina does a great job teaching them a lesson, even if they might not totally get it yet. Today we learned about Paul’s missionary journey, and played with boats on the “river.” They started off very calm and gentle, and then there was a LOT of splashing, and some of the boys ended up with quite a lot of water on them.

The service and sermon and music was all really amazing in church today. Pastor Ronny preached about seven of the different names of God: healer, savior, see-er, provider, banner, shepherd and peace. Then there were seven different stations (one for each name), and we all chose which station to go to around the church, to receive the Lord’s Supper, based on how God is ministering to us in our lives right now. I chose “provider,” because I feel like God has just provided so much for me these last few years, and I have so much be thankful for. (P.S. – if you want to watch the entire service, click here.)

And then after a big morning at church, Emerson fell asleep instantly in the car on the way to Walmart for our grocery pickup order. She’s such a sweet, sweaty little sleeper.


After a quick afternoon nap, for both me & Emerson, some of our church friends stopped by the house. Lyndssey and her hubby J.T. are in the process of adopting a precious babe from right here in Florida. Next weekend, they’re participating in a giant community-wide yard sale, and they’ve been looking for donations for them to sell. So we donated our coffee table! It was just perfect timing, since we’re going to build a new one. They came by this afternoon to pick it up, and they sat in the floor with us for a while just chatting and playing with Emerson. Glad we could be a part of this, in just this tiny way! 

Also, this is our crazy living room after the coffee table was gone, and all the junk from the coffee table drawers was piled up on the couch. We are also still dealing with laundry, so hopefully we can wrap that up later tonight.

Then we had a few hours of just the three of us playing and hanging out, and making an even bigger mess in the living room, with Emerson pulling down all that stuff off of the couch. Jeff and I also laid in the floor flipping through the new IKEA catalog we got in the mail yesterday, and dreaming about how we can continue upgrading our house over the next few years. (We desperately need to upgrade the sinks in two of the bathrooms.) Then we had dinner together, and got my sleepy girl ready for bedtime.

I’m back on the computer blogging on one tiny window, and watching Gilmore Girls on another tiny window. Once I’m done, we’ll go clean up the crazy living room, wash dishes, and then rest a little before the week starts up!

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