Surprises from Hubby

Tonight’s blog post is dedicated to my sweet hubby, who I don’t brag on nearly often enough. He does all sorts of things for our family around the house (like always take out the diapers, trash & recycling), and he just takes such good care of Emerson and I. Most recently, he was sweet take it upon himself enough to order me a few things on Amazon he knew I needed, but hadn’t actually asked for.

He got me a new PopSocket when my old one wore out, and he nailed the style/color/design choice, that’s just so perfect for me. It matches my phone perfectly, and my nails currently match both.

He also got me my very own pair of Bluetooth headphones, once I started using his all the time. They’re a very subtle combo of white and pink, which I really like. I’ve been listening to audiobooks while doing dishes a lot lately, and it’s really so much better to not have a cord dangling in your way, or to have to keep your phone on your person. This way, I can set the phone on the window sill, put the short cord behind my neck, and get about 30 minutes of “reading” time while doing chores.

OH! And he also makes a quick Taco Bell run when the Trader Joe’s frozen burritos you microwaved for supper taste terrible, and there’s nothing else to eat in the house. That’s a good hubby, right?

It’s these small things he does that mean a lot to me. He’s a great hubby, and I’m glad we found each other.

And now here are plenty of pictures of Emerson throughout the day, to sufficiently satisfy your cute quota for the day. She had a bird on her buns this morning (even though this 6-month-size outfit is a little too big for her), and it was just so cute. 

Emerson was playing with my Luna-wand and Dumbledore for today’s 1-second video, in honor of Harry Potter & J.K. Rowling’s birthdays. 

Then at dinner tonight, girlfriend went crazy over her mandarin oranges. I gave her the oranges first, then Jeff and I prayed for our dinner, and I got juice squirted on my while praying, when she grabbed one & squeezed it so tight! She ate the entire fruit cup (which I’ve never seen her finish before), and had fun smearing the juice & bits in her hair & on her forehead. 

And now also in honor of HP & JK’s b-day’s, Jeff and I are going to watch the first Harry Potter movie! We re-watch them every 6-12 months or so, but it’s been quite a while now, so we’re definitely due!

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