Procedures & Potatoes

Emerson had a lot to think about at drop-off before school this morning. She was clearly deep in thought about her fellow classmates…


The craziest part of today, was taking Jeff to get an upper endoscopy done, to try to figure out his ongoing stomach issues. We ended up being there about 2.5 hours total (doctor was running a bit behind), but I got lots of good reading time in. (Started a new Holocaust/WWII novel from the library. About 110 pages in, and so far, so good.) The doctor said everything went fine, but they did take a few biopsies, since the end of his esophagus looked a little “irregular” (which can be common apparently), and he didn’t seem too concerned about it. Jeff seems to have recovered well this afternoon, and spent the day mostly sleeping. We’ll get the results in about 10 days, and we’re obviously praying for some good results/answers!

I went back to work after getting him settled at home. So I worked for a few more hours while he slept off the anesthesia. Then I picked up Emerson, and met my family at McAlisters for supper before church. I had a delicious half-&-half combo with a cranberry orange club & “spud max” potato. Emmie had her own small potato off the kids’ meal, and she at least half of it, or maybe more! She’s been eating really good lately, and I’m really glad to see her getting so much real food in that tiny body of hers.

After church, I stopped on the way home to fill up the gas tank, get cash from the ATM, and grabbed dinner for Jeff now that he was very awake and very hungry. With all those stops, Emerson had herself a nice little nap in the car after a long day.

At home, we hung out for just a few quick minutes, before getting my exhausted girl ready for bed. Also, Jeff ordered some new cups for us to try with Emerson, since she wants to drink out of our cups like a big girl. We’ll try this out tomorrow, and we’ll see how she does with them. Maybe she’ll love them & take to them quickly! (Thanks, Emily, for the suggestion!)


It’s kinda late now, and I’m pretty tired after such a long, crazy day, so Jeff and I are gonna watch a few YouTube videos we’ve got queued up, and then I think we might both try to get to bed a little bit early. (Wow, that was a long run-on sentence.) 

Oh one last thing, we’ve got an “unspoken” prayer request for our family tomorrow, so if you think of us, send up a little prayer, won’t you?

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