April 2022

Piggy Mac

Since today was Earth Day, it was also “wear green” day at school. I picked out a cute outfit for Emmie, but after she got dressed, she said the shorts were too small/tight, so she changed and picked out those pants herself. So, green shirt was good, but we had some mismatch pants there. 😉 And Jeff picked out Addie’s “green,” which was more teal/green, but it still worked I guess! Either way, they’re so cute no matter what.

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Resurrection Sunday 2022

And for the third day in a row on this very busy Easter weekend, I’m getting late start on this post, and I have tons of pics to share, so I’m gonna try to speed right again. First of all, Addison woke up at midnight last night with a fever, out of nowhere. So Jeff kept her home this morning, and just Emmie and I went to church. And she was excited to see the cute things the Easter bunny had left for her!

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Bunny Babies

Another great, long, busy day, with lots of pictures! And of course it’s late already, so another speed-round to write today’s post, so I can go paint my fingernails & toenails, and get ready for Easter tomorrow… Jeff and the boys left early this morning to meet up with their mom, and I made eggs for me and the girls for breakfast.

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