August 2018

I’d Rather Be Reading

Y’all know I love books, right?! Right. I also love all the book-ish things too. For example, the only two podcasts I listen to are both about books. The first podcast is from the owner of a cute bookstore in Thomasville called The Bookshelf (her podcast is “From The Front Porch”), and the second podcast is by a blogger/author I love, Anne Bogel.  …

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Annual Conference

First thing this morning (after we made a quick drive-thru run at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast & coffee) I dropped Jeff and all his luggage off at the rental car place. He and his co-workers have their annual work conference, and this year it’s in Altamonte Springs. He’ll be back Thursday night, but until then, I’m “single-mommin'” it for a few days.

Last year, the conference was in Jacksonville, and Emerson and I went with him. She was only seven weeks old and I was still on maternity leave, and we got to stay in his hotel room with him. Her and I made lots of laps with the stroller around those internal floors during the day, and then got to meet up with him for meals. We also got to meet up with my cousin Sydney and have lunch with her one day too. Here’s a little photo collage from that week, one year ago… 

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Swingin’ Sunday

Church this morning was amazing. We had a great, large group for Sunday school. Some of our regulars that had been out of town for a few weeks were back, others that have just been busy were there, and we just had a good class. Then worship was great (we sang one of my current faves – “All the Praise”), and the sermon about leadership was inspiring. (Although clearly I need to take off my super chippy nail polish.)

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Rest & Recovery

Baby nugget slept all through the night last night, then woke up so sweet and happy this morning! I made biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She ate almost an entire biscuit, about one scrambled egg, and an entire container of her Activia yogurt. And drank 5 ounces of milk. Girlfriend woke up ready to go! Once her tiny belly was stuffed full, she was ready to play, play, play!

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Emerson’s Surgery

We made it! It’s all done, and praise the Lord! If you missed the why of Emerson’s surgery this morning, read this post from yesterday, I explained the whole thing. We arrived at the 3rd floor surgery center at TMH, right at 7:25 a.m.. We checked in at the front window, and then they sent us to a smaller room for “registration” and checking all our information and insurance stuff. While we did all the paperwork, Emerson watched “Coco” on Daddy’s phone.

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Slow, Sleepy Sunday at Home

Sunday mornings are always extremely busy. So much so, that I usually don’t even take one photo until after church is over. I got there early for one last praise team rehearsal, then went to Sunday school, followed by worship hour. As usual, Emerson stayed awake the entire 3-ish hours. My dad had nursery duty during worship hour, and when he opened the door of her classroom, to check on the baby next door, Emerson slipped out & just took off! So he let her walk all over the place, just following along behind her. He texted me towards the end of the service, and said with all her walking, she had probably walked half a mile! And so after we got in the car, and she played with her bib for two seconds, she was out like a light!

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Saturday with Family

Jeff and his mom hit the road early this morning to take  the boys back to meet their mother. They left around 7:45, and then by 8:15, Emerson and I were up and ready to meet Grammy & Pepaw for breakfast! We went to one of my favorite local diners, Canopy Road Cafe. I couldn’t decide what to get (sweet or savory breakfast is one of the hardest choices ever), so the waitress suggested I order the regular breakfast plate, but sub toast for a fancy pancake, and that was the best idea. I got the special-of-the-month pineapple upside down pancake, and wowwee was that thing good. (Also, please don’t miss that precious little hand trying to sneak a bite of pancake in the picture below.)

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Dinner & Dessert

My little girl is just the happiest baby. She’s constantly smiling and laughing, and she’s started doing this cute little crazy thing with her tongue, and it’s hilarious. When I first put her down on the squishy mats this morning, her teacher grabbed that phone to play with her, but instead, Emerson took off her shoe, put it up to her face, and I swear she said, “Hello!?” Me and both her teachers thought that’s what it sounded like!

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Chicken, Choir, & Colorful Skies

This outfit Emerson wore today is one of my very favorites. I love the ruffles on the buns, and the ruffle on the shirt, and the color of the onesie, and the cheetahs (or leopards?) on the pants, and the color of the onesie. It’s just all so cute! The onesie is Garanimals from Walmart, and the pants are from the One Week Boutique consignment sale, and she’s just always so cute in everything she wears.

And finally for the first time this week, I didn’t have any errands to run at lunch. So I got to just close the door to my office, enjoy last night’s leftovers (even though we ran out of sour cream), and read my book (Pachinko) for 30 minutes. And it was so quiet and calm and nice.

Emerson and I once again got to meet my Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Keith, Grandmother, and Mama (papa is out of town for work) for dinner before church at Zaxby’s. Emmie had her own chicken tender kids meal, but she ended up eating more of other people’s foods. She has tried cole slaw a couple of times before, but didn’t like it either time. Then tonight, Uncle Keith gave her a bite of his, and she wanted more! He of course was convinced he had the magic touch, and that it was all because he was the one feeding her ; ) She ended up eating about half of his cole slaw before it was all said and done.

And then I gave her just the bun of one of my little Nibblerz sammies, and she went to town on that bread. She took it apart, and was eating bread out of both hands. She is just the funniest baby girl.

At the beginning of choir, our music minister usually does a short little devotion every week. Tonight, he read Psalm 46, and asked some of our members shared times when God has been a refuge and strength in troubled times. People shared times of divorce, depression, cancer, medical issues, and more. It was a good time of sharing, and such a great scripture passage to focus on. A few weeks ago actually, we sang a song titled Psalm 46, and so it was good to reflect back on that a little bit. Sometimes we just need to sit back, and be still, and know that He is GOD. As one woman said, in the midst of all the social noise and political noise and all the noise of life, we can just be still in His presence. 

After regular worship choir rehearsal from 6:10-7:30, I then went to praise team rehearsal for about 45 minutes. I honestly just love getting to sing hymns and praise and worship music for a few hours every Wednesday! I’m so glad to be a part of this ministry in our church!

And then check out this beautiful sunset when I was leaving church! I actually drove out of the parking lot and circled back around into the parking lot again, so I could take these photos! It was too beautiful to ignore. Praise the Lord for sunshine and sunsets and beautiful things after a crazy rainstorm! 

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Keyboardist’s & Burrito Bowls

These first two pictures are from yesterday, but I forgot to share them in our “first day of school post” but they were too cute not to include today. That’s Aunt Meggie she’s sitting with, by the way. She always comes in to her classroom to see her when she gets in to work in the morning, and clearly Emerson is excited to see her.

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The First Day of School

Okay, okay. I know Emerson isn’t actually in “grade school” yet like everyone else who went back to school in Leon County, but she did start her new classroom at daycare today, and that counts in my book! Plus, Growing Room operates on the same calendar as all other LCS schools, so it was a big day around GR for everyone! She was super excited to start in her new class this morning! She didn’t shed even one tear, or fuss one bit when it was time for me to leave. She was just ready to play with all the new things!

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