Rest & Recovery

Baby nugget slept all through the night last night, then woke up so sweet and happy this morning! I made biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She ate almost an entire biscuit, about one scrambled egg, and an entire container of her Activia yogurt. And drank 5 ounces of milk. Girlfriend woke up ready to go! Once her tiny belly was stuffed full, she was ready to play, play, play!

Emmie and I played inside for a while, while Daddy worked outside in the yard. When he came around to the backyard finally, we got to sit at the back sliding door and watch him walk back and forth, which Emerson just loved of course!

Then Grammy and Grandmommie came by for a visit! They needed to check on baby girl with their own eyes, and get some sweet loves from her. Grandmommie was even sweet enough to bring us some groceries. She asked if we needed anything, so I said we were out of eggs and milk. But she went above and beyond, and brought us all sorts of great things! One of those things were individual sized chicken pot pies, which Jeff and I ate for lunch (while Emerson napped) and they were delicious.

She slept about an hour and a half or so, and we did some work stuff around the house. I washed dishes, cleaned up in the dining room, and tidied up the living room. Jeff did some more IT-ish stuff, and Emerson decided she needed to help him when she woke up from her nap.

After some more play time around the house, we made a quick trip to Home Depot for a few things. We wandered the nursery section, wishing I knew what to do with plants. The thing is, I want to be a plant-lady, but I’m terrible with them. I’ve killed succulents before y’all. Multiple times. BUT. I decided I want to give it another go. So I picked out this little guy below, and I’m hoping I can keep it alive for a while. Anyone know how often I should water it? And how much!? Many thanks in advance : )

And then we had to go allll the way across town to pick up some prescriptions, so while we were over there, we ran in Marshall’s. I went in wanting a new lunchbox for work (I try to take my lunch most days of the week), and the one I have is about six years old, and I just wanted to get a new one. But of course we found plenty of other things while we were there too. Like this new tablecloth for fall, and a few fall-scented candles. (I put it all away for now though, and I’ll bust it all out in another few weeks.)

Aunt Meggie and Uncle Bo came over late this afternoon, so they could also check on their sweet baby niece. Uncle Bo decided to put Emerson inside her diaper bag, and toted her around the house like that for a few minutes. At first, she was frozen solid, and wasn’t even reacting. But then she warmed up, and was so funny and cute, just smiling and giggling!

And then she found a toy in the bottom of the bag, and got super excited about that. She rattled that thing like crazy, and was just so excited about life.

And then the five of us went to dinner at Jim & Milt’s! Emerson ate an entire grilled cheese, and Aunt Meggie taught her to dip it in ketchup, which she really liked. And then she had ketchup pretty much just all over her face. But she got over that really quickly once she was done eating, so she got kinda mad and squealy. So we got her out of the high chair, but all she wanted to do was walk. So we let her do laps around the restaurant, with Aunt Meggie just following her around, while Emmie laughed and smiled and waved at anyone and everyone.

Baby girl got a bath at home, which she definitely needed, but I could barely get her to sit down long enough to bathe her. She just wanted to keep walking, marching up and down the bathtub. Then we took another dose of meds for neck pain, and had a bottle of hot milk. The bruise is spreading, and it’s still pretty swollen. All-in-all though, she doesn’t seem bothered by it. If you didn’t know she had surgery yesterday, you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference in her. She did want a few more cuddles today, and seemed to need her paci more than usual, but other than that, she seems A-OK!

OH, and one of the random finds at Marshall’s was a dish-drying rack. It’s Kitchen-Aid brand, and it was $7.99. And unbeknownst to me, it was actually a two-pack! Score. Oh, and I did in fact find a new lunchbox, right at the register before we paid.

It was a good day of rest & recovery, spent mostly at home, with good visits from sweet family. Still just praising the Lord that everything went well, and she’s still doing great. Love weekend days at home, spent with my baby and my hubby all day long!

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