Swingin’ Sunday

Church this morning was amazing. We had a great, large group for Sunday school. Some of our regulars that had been out of town for a few weeks were back, others that have just been busy were there, and we just had a good class. Then worship was great (we sang one of my current faves – “All the Praise”), and the sermon about leadership was inspiring. (Although clearly I need to take off my super chippy nail polish.)

After church, when I picked up Emmie from the nursery, she wouldn’t let anyone hold her, because she just wanted to get down and walk! She walked from the nursery, to the sanctuary, from one side all the way back to the other. She was walking around with both arms up in the air, smiling and squealing and chatting, and making sure everyone we passed saw and acknowledged her. She was hilarious, and everyone loved her.

We had a super quick lunch at Zaxby’s with a couple-friend (two friends who are a couple, and we’re friends with both of them… did “couple-friend” make sense?) from our Sunday school class. We had to eat quick so we could get home for Emerson’s nap time, but we had a nice time with them. And of course, all she wanted to do was walk around the place by herself.

I really wanted to keep her awake in the car on the ride home, because she has a tendency to sleep for 20 minutes, and then think she’s done for the day. So I sat in the back with her, playing and making weird noises and making her laugh and giggle. And it worked almost the whole way. But then she just picked up her little bear, put it up on her shoulder, and laid her head down on it. She yawned one giant yawn, and fell asleep. We were only about five minutes from home, and it was just too cute, and I didn’t want to bother her, so I left her alone. But luckily, we got her down at home, and she still slept for about two hours.

She woke up happy and silly after her nap, and so we had snack time! Veggie straws and apple juice. She loves both.

And then we went to Maclay Gardens for a church-wide baptism celebration. We had a huge dessert buffet and Emmie loved taste-testing all the cakes & cookies. We all walked down to the water, sang a few hymns & praise songs acapella, then watched 7 new members get baptized in Lake Hall. It was ridiculously hot, but it was such cool thing! Emmie also enjoyed some time on the little baby swing!

My parents couldn’t make it tonight though, so we stopped by their house for a quick visit with them on the way home. Emmie was so sweet and funny and cuddly with them… Especially when Pepaw gave her a donut hole left from church this morning. We didn’t stay long though, and then we grabbed dinner from the Arby’s drive-thru. 

My girl was a sweaty mess after the Maclay outing, so we did a super quick bath time. Afterwards, she could not stop rubbing her sleepy little eyes. And then when she finally did, she couldn’t even muster a smile.

Her neck is still looking good. The bruise is already starting to turn that yellow-y/green-ish color that happens when it starts healing, and she’s still doing really great. However, her chest/lungs are sounding a little raspy, so we did one of her leftover breathing treatments we found cleaning up a few weeks ago. Hopefully she’ll rest well, and wake up good to go in the morning!

Oh, and you can barely see it under her, but my Grandmother made her a cute little silk lovey, with a cute embroidered girl on it. She made me one similar when I was a tiny girl, and I became super attached to it growing up. In fact, I loved it so much, she ended up having to make a me multiple ones throughout the years, when they would get worn out and fall apart. I even took one to college with me as an 18-year-old when I moved away to go to Flagler College in St. Augustine. (I’ve saved them all in Ziploc bags, put away in storage.) Anyways, now Emerson has a special silk lovey just like I did when I was growing up, made by my sweet Grandmommie. Going to teach her to love it just like I did!

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