Oatmeal Bath & Hot Potatoes

These pictures don’t do it justice (and most cell phone photos never do), but man! The sky was beautiful this morning! Everything looked golden and beautiful, and it took my breath away when I first turned the corner and saw it this morning!

Here’s Emerson saying “Good morning,” to Aunt Meggie in real life, and the photo of Uncle Bo. I was also told that when Uncle Bo came to pick up Meggie for lunch today, he went to visit Emmie really quick, and she got super excited and started squealing and grunting and kicking her little legs while sitting in her tiny lunch chair. Apparently it was adorable, and she was just so excited to see them both.

And then we went to her classroom, and she was ready to play! She really loves this little line-up of phones, and we tend to start the day there most days of the week.

Daycare sent this photo below, with this caption: “Emmie just looked so precious while sleeping, I couldn’t help but take a picture. 😍😍😍 -Miss Kayla.” And I almost died from the cuteness! I love the way the blanket is pulled up on top of her sweet little head.

After work, Emmie and I met my family for dinner at McAlister’s. It’s one of our favorite places, if you couldn’t tell how often we all eat there. We just love their baked potatoes! And so far potatoes are one of Emmie’s favorite foods (even though hers was super hot and steaming like crazy tonight), so she really enjoys it there too.

My dad and I were the last ones to leave, and so we just let Emerson wander around the restaurant, since there were only about two other people there, and she had the run of the place. She kept walking up and down, and going to the window to watch the cars drive by. She would smile and giggle and chatter, and look at us to make sure we were watching her, and then keep going!

But she wore herself out, and fell asleep on the 15-minute drive to church. It was raining, so the pitter-patter on the roof put her straight to sleep!

Church and choir were both really good tonight. We had a good mini-devotion time in choir, and our director reminded us that the “good” part of Heaven isn’t the streets of gold, or the pearly gate, or mansions & crowns – the “good” part of Heaven is being in the presence of God. The rest is just  the “by-product.” (And then he made a joke about hot dogs being the by-products of stuff…it was funny, and weird, and we all laughed.)

And then one of the songs we were rehearsing was so great, and so powerful, our director wanted us to sing it for prayer meeting. So we all went marching out into the sanctuary, and did a very informal “performance” of Song of Grace. And it was just really cool.

I just liked the green stuff in this planter at church…

Grandmommie went to Walmart this morning, and got us a box of these bath treatments, so after church we came home to try it out. Really hoping it helps her diaper rash. She was a little unsure of it at first, and it took her a while before she would really sit down in it. But once I put Moana on my phone, she calmed down, and watched her favorite movie in the tub. What a life! And yes I’m aware it looks like I filled the tub with ditch water, but it’s just from the oatmeal.

Her neck is continuing to heal, and looking good! I just noticed tonight that it looks like the glue is starting to peel off a little bit on the right edge. 

After her bottle of hot milk, night-night prayers and lots of kisses, I did a couple of things around the house. Tomorrow is our trash pick-up day, and Jeff always takes care of that stuff. But since he’s still out of time, I had to take the recycling can out to the road myself. (The trash can isn’t even half full, so that one can wait till next week.) I also loaded up some empty boxes to share with my work-friend. And then I dug through my old box of books (that I have no room on our bookshelves for) looking for a specific one from my childhood, which I thought I still had, but apparently don’t. Or at least not in that box.

Anyways, it’s getting late, so I’m going to go watch the final episode in season two of “Anne with an E,” light my favorite candles, and enjoy some “me time.” Night friends!

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