Hubby is Home

This baby tater tot just looks so stinking cute laying here, enjoying her morning bottle. And then of course she looks just as adorable at school drop-off as well. 

The hours of 8-5 were very run-of-the-mill. Lots of emails, and writing, and reviewing, and calculating, and the such-like. I stayed in my office for my lunch break, and read my current Kindle library book. I left at 5 to pick up Emerson, and we headed home. And then finally Jeff got home too!! Emerson was SO excited to see him! When she heard the door open, she whipped around so fast and started making all these cute little noises, and practically RAN to him! That baby missed her Daddy.

And then he gave her the sweet surprise puppy he got from IKEA. And that girl was so excited for the puppy! She loves animals right now, so she was loving her very own puppy she can carry around. She held it, and loved it, and wanted to love Daddy at the same time. And then my heart just melted into a puddle on the floor, because I just love them both so stinking much. 

And since Jeff got home right when we did, we got to have family dinner together – pot roast, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Emerson ate sooo much, and her little tummy was stuffed so full. 

I gave her another oatmeal bath her dinner & some quick play time. And she was more OK with it tonight, and did more sitting in it than last night. Her bottom is getting better every day. And so is her neck. And one day I’ll quit updating y’all on her buns & neck every single day, haha : )

Daddy also got her this tiny little bear from IKEA, and she likes this one too. And that little silk lovey is the one Grandmommie made for her. So sweet!

Below are the treats Jeff brought back home for me – cute over-sized IKEA mugs (super large coffee mugs or slightly smaller ice cream bowls?), a table runner, and homemade whoopie pies for us to share from a cute little candy store he stopped at on the way home.

And now that my hubby is home, and my blog for today is written, I’m gonna go hang out with my hubby! Having some quiet time to myself this week has been nice, but I definitely missed Jeff. So I’m very glad he’s back home, because I missed him!


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