November 2021

Christmas Tree & Recovery

We’re alive! After almost four days of blog-silence, I’m checking in really quick tonight with a super simple recap post, just to say we’re alive, but just barely. Last Friday, Addison had a little stomach bug. Then it hit me late Saturday night, and then it finally got Jeff on Monday. I stayed home from church and work Sunday through Tuesday, and am just now on the tail end of things, feeling better and more like myself, after a three-day stomach bug & recovery…

So let’s start with tonight, because Emmie and I got the Christmas tree finished up, after starting it on Saturday morning. She was SO proud of it, and this photo was taken when she just quietly walked over and stared up at it for a few minutes, and was actually not posed at all. (I need to rearrange a few of her ornament clumps, but she was a super sweet helper and did a good job helping me.)

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Thanksgiving 2021

We have had a great Thanksgiving! So much good food (obviously) and the best time with both of our families. It’s almost 10pm already though, so let’s just basically photo-dump & run… This “My first turkey day” was Emerson’s outfit four years ago, and even though it’s a size 3-month, it still fits Addison 🙂

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Peanut Butter Ramen

So today was supposed to be Emmie’s dentist appointment, after last week’s hoopla… But CVS never actually filled the prescription we needed, so we still didn’t get to go again today, which we didn’t even realize until first thing this morning. So Emmie was sad for a bit, but I reassured her again that we’d reschedule, and I promised her she’d get to go to the dentist soon. What a mess… But she perked up when I let her pick out her own outfit for school, including the Halloween pants and Halloween Paw Patrol shirt

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Fend For Yourself Night

After a fun 3-day weekend of camping, we were back to school and work today. When we drove past our local high school and Emmie realized there was no traffic, and I told her the big kids weren’t at school this week, she was not thrilled that she had to go, but we still had a nice easy drop-off. And look at this crazy yellow coloring and sky and clouds and everything!

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Camping Under The Full Moon

We are back in town now after such a great camping weekend. In all of our years of camping, this weekend had the most perfect, beautiful weather, and we had great campsite, and we had the best time with our biggest girl! (This photo was this morning, Sunday, but I wanted it to show up first… but let’s jump back to Friday…)

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Three Pork Dumplings

Little cutie pies this morning before school! Today was “purple for preemies” day, and although neither of my girls were preemies, our sweet triplets were (here’s the blog post from when I first held them!), and we wanted to support them. (Even though their mommy forgot to send them in purple today ) And uh, Emmie picked out her shoes today, and even though I think they’re supposed to be water shoes for summer time, it wasn’t worth the fight…

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Sobbing About the Dentist

So this morning we were supposed to take Emmie to the dentist. But long story short, everyone forgot that she was supposed to take one dose of antibiotics 30 minutes prior to the appointment, because of her heart surgery, so at 7:45ish we had to pivot. We had planned to leave home at 7:45, but my girl was sobbing because she was upset that was was not going to the dentist today. So I offered to get her a donut on the way to school as a special treat, but she just wanted Mommy to make her an egg sandwich at home! What kind of kid do I have on my hands here?! One who cries over not going to the dentist, and is obsessed with boiled eggs, egg salad and devilled eggs… What a silly pants girl!!

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Church-Wide Lunch & Hosting Family Dinner

I started my Sunday, taking my turn to teach these five sweet girls a Bible story about the Ark of the Covenant, and praying together, and playing instruments marching around, and learning the verse of the day. It was super sweet and precious.

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Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Popcorn, Cinnamon Chai

Jeff and I both had the day off work today, so of course we kept the girls home with us for a nice family day. We got up early to feed Addie her first bottle around 5:40am, then fell back to sleep for a while. Emmie got up around 6:45, but played quietly on her Kindle in her room, until we all got up and moving around 7:30. It was a nice slow, lazy morning making breakfast and coffee, and just hanging around not doing much.

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Flagler Friends in the Forest

Emmie helped me make egg sandwiches for breakfast this morning, once we were all up and moving. (Even though I was first up with Addison around 5:50am…)


Then we ran to Walmart for a few things, and then picked up our normal grocery order after that.

We most certainly did not buy this gigantic $30 sloth, but Emerson of course did want us to…

We got all the cold groceries put away (well, the few that we got, although we were missing like 15 things; I already submitted a refund for those), packed up all the stuff we needed for the rest of the day, and hit the road for a short road trip…

We grabbed lunch at this random little roadside food truck The Lunch Box, and then took it for a picnic in the nearby Ponce de Leon State Park, in Ponce de Leon, Florida…

And met up with one of my best friends from college, Nicole! We both went Flagler College together, and our roommates were friends, and that’s how we met each other. Now here we are, almost 15 years later, both married with kids! She’s from Pensacola, but lives with her military hubby in Arizona, but is back in Pensacola for a month. It had been 5 years since we’ve been together, so we each drove 1.5-ish hours to meet halfway, and so it was so great but also crazy to be together, and with our kids! It was also the most beautifully perfect day for 3.5 hours hanging out in the Florida forest!

Graham is 3 months, and Addison is 6 months, but they’re roughly the same size 🙂

And this girl sat up by herself multiple times today! This is a big thing for her, and I was so proud!


Also, that park and the springs are absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of the smaller springs we’ve seen around Florida, but still beautiful, and we’ll probably try to come back again to swim next summer.

Addie needed a bottle before our drive home, so we stopped back by the Lunch Box for Jeff and Emmie to eat some ice cream, while I fed Addie a bottle, before we hit the road again.

Both girls slept the entire way home, and then we stopped at my favorite taco place, Taqueria Miranda, for tacos for dinner before heading to the house.

Funnily enough, I was in so many photos today, and Jeff was in almost none, which is usually the opposite, since I take all the photos. But him and I both got new Google Pixel 6 phones yesterday, and he’s in love with his and obsessed with the picture quality, so he was so on it today with all the photos. And I was so proud of him for that! Today was a really great day, and tonight we “gain an hour of sleep,” but we’ll see how that goes, with two littles in the house who don’t understand how time works… 🙂



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