Holding Babies

It’s darker in the mornings now due to daylight savings time (which makes it even harder to get out of bed), but it’s still pretty!

Pretty baby girl, in a pretty little dress, ready to start her day with her favorite Ms. Q!

Back to being queen of the turtle again today!

For the past month or so, I’ve been drinking a Slim Fast shake for breakfast every day. I unexpectedly ran out yesterday though (wasn’t paying attention I guess), so today I had a nutritious & delicious cherry Pop-Tart. (But actually, it was super yummy.)

And then at lunchtime, I was planning to make a quick run up to the hospital to stare at the girls in their little isolets. But plans changed when I got there! Riley had been taken off of her oxygen (she was the only one still on it), and was having her very first ever bottle! (And Kensley was eating too.) And then when she finished, I got to hold Riley!! It was my first time getting to hold any of them, and even though I expected to start crying again like I did the very first time I saw them, I only teared up a little, but was able to keep it under control.

Riley getting her first bottle…

Bo holding Kensley after she ate…

Riley meeting her Aunt Halie for the first time! (This was the first time she’s actually been awake when I was with her.) She just stared up at me with these sweet eyes, super alert, looking around the room at everyone, and hiccuping like crazy!

While Bo & I were holding Riley & Kensley in one room, Megan was across the hall watching Ellie get her bath. Then once she was clothes & bundled up in warmed blankets, she got to feed her! I also got to hold Ellie for just a minute or two, before Meg fed her. And I love the faces Ellie is making at her Mommy in these photos!

I practically had to force myself to leave them and go back to work!

Meanwhile, Emerson had a good day at school with her friends & teachers! Her teachers told me she was using a piece of the tiny blue tissue paper and blotting it on her face in the mirror as if she was putting on makeup! Too funny!

After work and school, we met the family at Blaze Pizza for dinner before church. Today was a Growing Room share day to benefit the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes is an organization for preemie babies all over the world, and now that we have our very own triplet preemies, we definitely wanted to be a part of it in this small way.

My mom ordered my pizza for me, and was nice enough to get mac and cheese and fruit for Emerson from Newks across the street.

Grammy got Emerson a new shirt! Can’t wait for her to meet her new baby cousins! (You have to be 18 to go to the NICU, so Emmie won’t meet them until they go home. Which is for the best anyways…)

And Grammy also got Emerson some new books from the book fair at her office last week. She gave them to her tonight at dinner, and of course we started flipping through them right away. And it was perfect timing for thr reading challenge we’re participating in this week.

Then once we got to church, we sat down on the curb outside by the car, and spent our fifteen minutes reading our books for the day. We were at church early, so it worked out perfect to be able to spend time reading together even on a hectic day.

I had praise team rehearsal after our regular worship choir, so I stayed at church late until about 8:30. Jeff took Emerson on home though, so that he could get her in bed without it being super late.

And even though Emerson ate at least half of her mac and cheese, lots of fruit, and then apparently more snacks in the nursery, she was still hungry once her and Daddy got home, so she had some Pringles for a pre-bedtime snack. This girl kills me with all of her snacking lately!

I got home right around 9 p.m., and Jeff had already gotten Emmie to sleep by then.

In other exciting triplet related news, Megan and Bo were interviewed for a special story today. It will air on WCTV tonight at 11, on the morning show tomorrow, and will also be put on their website. I can’t wait to see it!

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