Podcasts & NICU Graduates

Sweet, little bed-head baby!

She of course needed her morning Pop-Tart appetizer for the car ride, but since she hadn’t quite finished it before we for to school, she took in in with her. A few of her friends saw her snack and were jealous, so I told her she better eat fast, before someone tried to steak it!

Poor little girl just looks so bruised up in this photo!

Look at how teeny, from this time last year!

I didn’t have anything to take to work for my lunch today, but that worked out well, because the Sonny’s food truck was parked at our office today!

I’m only about 60% through this book I started last week. Gonna push hard and read as much as I can tonight once I finish this, since tomorrow it will be two weeks late! I’m just reading slower (and less) than usual lately.

This week at work, I’ve been listening to older episodes I missed of my favorite book podcast. And of course I’ve added at least 10 more books to my ever-growing, never-shrinking TBR (to-be-read) list.

In today’s triplet update, all the girls graduated to NICU 2 (which is actually the “less” intensive care unit), and they are just doing so very well! But goodness gracious aren’t they adorable!

Also, if you happen to miss it, they were featured on the local news last night! You can click here to watch the interview on the WCTV website.

This precious baby girl had to help carry her bag out of school today, even though it’s almost as big as she is. She just loves to help!

We still had a book or two in the car from yesterday, so Emmie was excited to do some reading on the way home from school.

And then we did more reading at home, on our quilt in the backyard, for day four of our reading challenge.

This was my favorite of the ones we read today, called “Here We Are,” all about earth & space & humans & animals & such.

Emerson liked playing with my sunglasses today…

Jeff was out running around town until almost 7:30 tonight (picking up his parents’ two dogs, & delivering one to their friends & bringing one to our house, since his parents are out of town for a few days), so Emerson and I had a super simple mommy daughter dinner of cheese ravioli.

And our microwave is still sitting on our dinner table…

After dinner we did bath time and got in her jammies, and then Daddy finally got home. Emerson and I did a quick video call with Aunt Megan and Uncle Bo, before it was time for Emmie’s bedtime. But then she decided she was hungry again, so she had some Pringles with Daddy while watching a couple kids’ songs on YouTube.

Then daddy put her normal 3 bedtime books on her nightstand, and she proceeded to pick out three more! So we read six more books at bedtime, for a total of 10 books today!

now that I finally finished blogging a little later than usual, I’m going to snuggle up and crack up in my book and see how many pages I can read tonight!

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