Ukulele Baby

Rompers are the best spring outfit for baby girls, hands down. Am I right?!

Looks like my girl had a fun day at school, doing some arts & crafts, and playing outside!

I know I’ve mentioned multiple times that Emerson is currently obsessed with the Wheels on the Bus song. We do a lot of “the horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep,” and so forth, around here. So when we saw this one today, Jeff said, “The Emmie on the bus goes scoot, scoot, scoot!” Which I thought was actually pretty clever.

For a quick triplet update, my Grandmother got to hold all three of them today for the first time. And you can clearly see she is just radiating joy!

And today was one of those days where I didn’t take any pictures all day, until I picked up my girl after work. And she wanted to read her book in the car again!

And then when we got home, we read more books! Since we finished all of our library books yesterday, we picked out today’s books from our own personal library, for day five of our #5x5ReadingChallenge. And when she kept adding to the stack, and we ended up with seven, how could I say no? (And clearly I can’t help but take a billion photos when my girl is being cute with books…)

I have absolutely loved participating in this children’s reading challenge this week. My usual routine is to start working on dinner as soon as we walk in the door after work and daycare. But this week, we always did our reading first, and it was just a special time to spend with my little girl, after being away from her all day. We read a lot around here (y’all should know that by now), but being intentional like this every day was a lot of fun, and I think we’ll we’ll try to make it more of a habit going forward. I want to instill a love of reading in her that will last a lifetime!

We had beef tips, rice & Brussels sprouts for dinner tonight. And since I was talking with a friend the other day about our go-to veggies, I snapped this photo to send to her. We always do steamed broccoli, and these is our second option. But her fave is sauteed green beans! I’ve never even thought of doing that before, but I’m already planning to try it out next week!

It was hot, and she was helping Daddy blow on hers to cool it down. Of course, she wasn’t actually doing much, but it was still so adorable to see her trying to copy him!

And good grief she ate a lot of food tonight! She really, really likes rice (just like her Mommy; daddy favors potatoes), but she could take or leave the meat most meals. But she eats this up like crazy! She ate everything on her plate, plus a few more scoops off of our plates as well.

And then after dinner we just played in the dining room/library, with all sorts of fun stuff!

(The orange lighting on the next few photos bothers me so bad, but oh well, the baby is cute, so I’ll still share them.)

She found my ukulele leaving on the bookshelf, and she really wanted to play with it. We got it down and let her pick the strings a little, but she’s just so rough! Luckily though, we have a cheaper, less-fancy one as well, do we got that out and let her have more freedom with that one. (Jeff got me this one for Christmas few years ago, and it’s so pretty with the birds etched on the front!)

This cheaper one we had actually gotten from Groupon about 6 years ago, for only like $30…

You can’t really tell in the picture below, but she was carrying some little Harry Potter Funko dolls around, and this is her putting them back on the shelf and saying “night night” over and over again, because apparently she was putting them to bed.

And wow, I took tons of pictures tonight! We were just having such a nice little family night at home, I’m doing so many cute fun things, I wanted torecord as much of it as I could! These simple nights spent at home with just our little family are some of my favorites. And I know I’ll cherish these memories of her as a tiny toddler for a long, long time!

I didn’t finish my library book yet, but I’ve only got 40 pages left. So I can definitely knock that out tonight!

A few days ago, I called “dibs” on seeing the triplets tomorrow, since I have seen them the least out of everyone (in town) so far. Megan told me what time to meet them up there, so we’ve scheduled our whole day around that. I’m so excited to go up and see them again tomorrow, and get to hold all three of them, for more than just a few minutes like I did the other day! Gonna be so sweet! And Dial Jeff and I go visit the triplets, Emerson has a playdate with Grammy and Pepaw, since our lives have been so hectic and they’ve barely seen her this past week! Going to be a good day all around tomorrow!

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