January 2024

Bikini Queen

Today was Emerson’s second day at home from her strep throat (doc said she needed to stay home two days), so I stayed with her again. I made us egg & cheese wake-up wraps for breakfast (one for her, two for me), and she ate every single bite of hers, which I was glad to see. I’m actually going to be making these same wraps, plus bacon, for our dinner tomorrow night, but knew we had enough supplies to make a few this morning too. Also, randomly stumbled upon this limited edition pistachio latte creamer in the Walmart app last weekend, and it’s so good!

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Escalators, Potions & Sunny-D

We treated ourselves to some Chick-fil-A breakfast first thing this morning. Then I picked up our grocery order from Walmart, and got all the cold stuffy put away very quickly. And then we met up with Nana for some morning shopping! She actually let me pick out all my birthday gifts at Kohl’s this morning, for my birthday coming up at the end of the month. (We didn’t get these doggies, but the girls were very excited to cuddle them for a quick minute.)

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