Fruit of the Spirit

Five very cute little girls this morning, ready for all of their classes.

Meg actually forgot to take the triplets’ picture when she dropped them off, so I stopped to love them and snapped a quick pic of them. (Her and I both take pics every day to share with our family group text.)

Actually, there were 6 cutie girls today, because Emmie’s bestie got to school at the same time she did, so they were happy to see each other.

I had my cottage cheese toast for breakfast today instead of lunch. I made one savory/spicy (with the avocado & spicy chili crisp), and one sweet (with jam & hot honey). The spicy chili crisp was too strong of a flavor and overpowered all the other flavors, but I loved the sweet one with the jam. I really wanna try it with some mini cucumbers, because I think the cool, crisp cucumber would just go so well with the cottage cheese. (Just added some to my Walmart grocery order!)

We got Emmie to church tonight by 6pm, for her vocal class, and we ate our Taco Bell feast in the little church cafe.

Love this little hair-do her teacher did for her today.

I love this video of Addie and her little buddy saying their Faith Fact of the month, “I will follow God!” I just love her cute, tiny voice! So proud of my little nugget, learning so much in GC Kids!



And this video is actually from last week, of Addie and her buddy working on their fruits of the spirit! I had actually been trying to get a video of her saying these at dinner earlier, but it wasn’t working out. Then Meg surprised me by saying she forgot to send me this last week, and it is exactly what I wanted!


Had to stop in Uncle Bo’s office to give Aunt Meggie goodbye loves at the end of the night, before heading home.

And last night after writing my blog post, I finished this puzzle with all the slowww animals. I actually did the puzzle itself pretty quickly (just started it Sunday night I think?), but this was a really cute one.


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