Pasta Birthday Lunch

Addison wanted me to take a picture of her with her tiny little kitty while we sat a red light this morning.

And it was good we got a quick pic of Addie in the car, because then when we went into the school with the Aunt Meggie and the trippies, Addie wasn’t in the mood for photos anymore. But these little trippies were sweetie pies.

And sweet little Emmie was looking extra cute in her fun pink outfit, and little pearl headband.

Mama, Megan, Aunt Suzanne and I all went out to lunch at Riccardo’s today, for a little birthday celebration for me! Mom got me great gifts this year, as always. Love this super colorful Florida-themed puzzle (and she got me the now-requisite puzzle gift, since my birthday is on national puzzle day!), and she got my favorite perfume too, and a super fun and springy new purse.

And of course the food itself was all so delicious! Riccardo’s is always the absolutely best.

And Aunt Suzanne even brought all four of us a one of these little triangle pieces of Publix cookie cake, which was a perfect little dessert to end the meal.

Love these ladies, and loved having our special little lunch today!

(Also, last Saturday, I mentioned I was checking on my Mama after a procedure she had… Last Thursday, she had a skin cancer spot removed from the very top of her head. They were able to get all the cancer with just one cut, but it ended up being a bigger incision than expected. So while she’s healing and recovering, she’s wearing these new-to-her stylish headbands to cover up the bandaging. And she gave me permission to share all of this tonight, so please pray for her quick healing, and no more skin cancers popping up!)

Emmie wanted a picture with the pink wall at daycare, with her pink shirt and pink stuffed bunny. And although Addie was also wearing a pink shirt, but she was a little grumpy and didn’t want a picture with the pink wall.

Jeff had some complicated tech stuff for work to read over tonight, and he wasn’t super hungry. I also forgot to defrost the frozen ground turkey to make meat sauce for pasta, so we just did some random stuff for me and the girls, but that worked out really easy and quick and the girls ate really well.

Had a little time watching tv, and then cuddling, reading some books, and eventually getting ready for bed.

Megan also gave me a birthday gift first thing this morning, a bag full of self-care products and cosmetics and a pretty new coffee cup. Love all these fun things, which I normally wouldn’t buy all of it for myself, so it’s a nice treat.

Currently watching a really cool documentary on Netflix, on the making of “We Are the World” back in the 1980’s, called “The Greatest Night in Pop,” and it’s really good and interesting. If you like any famous pop artist from the 80’s you should check it out, because all 40/50 of those biggest stars are in the film, with all the behind-the-scenes-making-of-the-song clips, and it’s super cool.

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