Black Cake

Love this little cutie, who wanted a picture with the pretty sky again today. Also, she wore a Growing Room shirt today, and when I showed it to her this morning, she was like, “Ary wears that shirt!” (Ary is her teacher, who she loves very much.)

And love this cutie gap-toothed girlie, in the car with her Daddy.

Today was actually the 101st day of school for Emerson, and they were doing a 101 Dalmatians theme in first grade. So since a friend thought this dress was dalmatian print the other day (I always thought it was cow print?!), she wore this again today, since that was perfect.

Today was our bi-monthly lunch for our unit to all go out together. We rotate who gets to choose the place, and my coworker Patricia chose Pitaria Express today. I’ve been here multiple times before, and it was just as delicious today as always. I got the gyro with Greek fries, and it was so good. We had a great time, and a great lunch!

One little picture of Addie Pie doing some science in school today.

I was proud of how well I did the NYT Connections game today – check out this perfect record today! (And just to keep myself humble, keep it real here, I couldn’t even figure it out yesterday, and never completed it.)

It’s been a couple months since I was able to make it to book club, but I finally made it back tonight. I had been so excited to finally get back to our group, but when our host offered to make baked ziti, I knew it was gonna be great! And this was super delicious. And she’s already sent me the link because I wanna make this sometime soon for our little family.

This was our book club pick for this month, “Black Cake” by Charmaine Wilkerson, which has already been turned into a popular Hulu series. I started it, but couldn’t finish it in time (I’ve been too engrossed in my Crescent City fantasy series this past month), but we always allow whoever finished the book, to “spoil” the ending for the rest of us, but going over a full synopsis. So now I’m just gonna skip the rest of the book and jump straight to the tv series 😉

And since I missed our December book club meeting, when they had a cute little ornament-making-craft-time, my friend Ashlee made one for me, and it is so stinking cute! It even has my initials stamped on the back, and I love that.

Jeff and the girls had gone over to dinner at Nana & PopPop’s house while I was at book club. When I got home, Addison asleep on Jeff’s chest in the recliner, and Emerson was asleep on a little pallet she made in the floor in front of Jeff’s chair. It was all very cute and sweet, and I was glad they were at least both asleep by the time I got home.

I’ve started a new Netflix documentary series while writing this, that’s already super interesting, called “American Nightmare.” It’s only three episodes,  but I’ve heard it’s really good.

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