Daddy Daughter Dance

The majority of our morning and afternoon was spent doing chores and just kinda hanging around at home. Didn’t even take any pictures until like 12-something after lunch. Jeff actually took this photo of Addie when she fell asleep in the car, after they went to pick up our Walmart grocery order together.

Then this was finally my first photo after lunch, when Emmie wanted to try to pick up the slowpoke puzzle, before we took it apart and put it back in the box.

And this was her little outfit she wore around the house for most of the day 🤣

Jeff got Addison down for a nap, but she ended up a little restless, and so he actually laid on the floor and slept in there with her. Emmie was watching a movie, so I picked up my giant book to read for a little rest time.

Emerson took herself a nice long bath, with one of her large collections of bath bombs, and then we started getting her ready for her big night out on on the town. She wanted me to braid her hair, so I put a small braid in her bangs, and then a braid with the rest of her in the back as well. Took some pictures so she could see for herself, but she looked so pretty in the pictures!

And then her and Daddy were ready to go out on a Daddy/Daughter date night, to a Valentine’s dance at The Moon! Nana bought her this lovely, flowy purple dress, and we saved the light-up flower crown from last year. She looked so sweet, and so grown-up, and just so beautiful!

They found the triplets right away, with Uncle Bo, Papa, and their other grandfather, and they had fun dancing and snacking together the rest of the night.



It was super loud in there, and a little overwhelming for Emmie, so they did leave a little bit early, to head to BJ’s for a pizookie and ice cream together.

While Emmie and Daddy were out dancing, we watched them drive away out the front window. Then Addie and I got ourselves some Chipotle for dinner. She wanted to sit outside, and although it was loud, it felt nice, and it was good to get some fresh air. She really loved their chicken and black beans, and my burrito bowl was delicious. (Jeff doesn’t like cilantro, which comes on almost everything there, so I don’t get to eat it often, but I love it.)

She told me on the way home that she wanted to go potty, so as soon as we made it home, we rushed straight back to the bathroom, and she peed on the tiny potty for actually the second time today!! And this is a very cheesy face of an excited little girl, proud of herself and happy that mommy was so excited for her.

I gave Addison a bath and let her splash and play for a long time. Then she was finally cold enough to want to get out, so I found some nice fresh & clean jammies. She grabbed herself a snack, and we cuddled up together on the couch and snuggled sweetly for a long time. She was just being so precious and cuddly, and I was loving it. She’s typically such a daddy’s girl, but all the cuddles were for mommy tonight!

Jeff and Emmie got home a little after 8pm, and she said she had such a great, special time with her Daddy. We did one Bluey episode, and then both girls were so sleepy, and went to sleep pretty easily.

It’s time to re-do my nails again already (well, it could wait a few days, but I’m gonna go for it now), so I’m going to start up something good on Netflix, and do my nails, because Jeff has already gone to bed early, exhausted from his big night out too 😉

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