November 2018

No Use Crying Over Spilt Popcorn

OK, first of all, let’s look at the difference in Emerson from this time last year up till yesterday. Google made this little collage last night, and I just about died at how much she’s changed! WOW she was just the tiniest little tot! She couldn’t even sit up on her own get, and look at her go now!

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Triplet Gender Reveal!!!

We started off our day with family breakfast at one of our favorite places, Canopy Road Cafe. Megan & Bo were the last to arrive, and Emerson literally ran through the restaurant to them when they got there. Then she stayed with Aunt Meggie for a quite a while. Then I was the first person to get my food, so of course she came back to see Mommy. Then Gabe’s food came, and the funfetti pancake was set right in front of her, and she could hardly stand it! Eventually she grabbed her own fork, & dug right in it! On out way out once we finished, we ran into a fellow NFC alum and blog reader, Hi, Connie!

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Black Friday

Ok first of all, is it considered black Friday still, even if you don’t do any black Friday shopping? Because we didn’t. And I didn’t miss it one bit. Moving on!

For breakfast today, I made ham, egg & cheese sliders. The recipe is from one of those Tasty videos on Facebook, but it’s super simple. Scramble 9 eggs, slice a pack of Hawaiian rolls open, layer eggs, ham & bacon, and cheddar cheese, top with rolls. Butter the tops, and bake for 15-20 minutes on 350°. (We didn’t have bacon today, but they were still delicious.)

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Hospitalized with RSV

This time of year germs are running rampant through all the schools and daycare’s. In my daily blog post entry from Monday, I went on a little rant about people touching babies & spreading germs, and this story is the main reason why. Last year unfortunately, we dealt with germs & illness the hard way. This is a post about when Emerson was hospitalized with RSV at 4 months old, during November 2017…

It initially started out as just a cold (runny nose, little cough), and not much more. But it persisted for quite a while. (A year later I don’t remember how long, but it was at least 3 weeks, maybe even four.) But since it was just a cold, there wasn’t much we could do for her, except a few “home remedies.” We held her while the shower steamed up the bathroom, she slept at an incline in her rock-n-play, we used the NoseFrida to suction all the excess snot out of her nose, and we bought a humidifier for the bedroom. We gave her Zarbee’s cough syrup for infants, and put Zarbee’s rub on her chest (like Vicks VapoRub for babies). But the cold persisted. …

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Triplet Baby Shower

Today was my sister’s first baby shower for her triplets! It was thrown by the ladies in my family, my mama, Grandmommie, Aunt Suzanne, Aunt Jane & myself. We hosted it at the Old Bradfordville School house, and it was so lovely! We’ve been planning roughly for a few months, but really hard for these past three weeks. We had lots of yummy snacks & punch, and delicious Publix cupcakes in the shape of a baby carriage. We decorated with a few simple things, and kept most things yellow, gray & white, which is how they plan to decorate the nursery as well. There were lots of lovely ladies who came to celebrate & support, and it was an amazing shower!

First, look at how amazing and beautiful my baby sister looks! She’s currently 18 weeks pregnant, and each baby is the size of an artichoke!

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Chilly Night for Chili

Baby girl finally went back to school this morning, for the first time all week! (Yes Monday was a holiday, and then she was out sick for three days, so her first day of school was a Friday.) She was bundled up nice and warm and cozy in her cute boots and her new little jacket from Grandmommie. The hood has little ears that make her look like an adorable baby bear.

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Virus Turned Into Ear Infection

Well, since Emerson’s fever was still hanging around yesterday, we decided to go back to the doctor’s office this morning to see our pediatrician/my friend, Abby. Turns out, the virus she had at the beginning of the week, caused some fluid on her ears, and now her left ear is infected, and she’s back on antibiotics again. But you know what? I’m fine with that! At this point, I’d rather her take the meds that will clear it all up, rather than her continue to just wait it out. Her temp stayed around 98/99° all day, and we’ve been given a note for her to return to school tomorrow.

While we were waiting, we pointed out all the dogs in this magazine, and she got super excited about each one of them.

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The Fever That Won’t Quit

We got jarred awake super early today at 3:30 a.m. with Emerson screaming & crying out of nowhere. When we got into her room, she was burning up, and her temp was 103°. We got her undressed and wiped down her head & face with a cool, damp cloth, and tried to calm her down. I got her redressed in a regular, cooler onesie, and rocked her for a while. But she did not want me to put her back down, so I ended up just holding her for the next few hours in the living room recliner. We both were in & out of sleep that whole time, until about 7 a.m.. Then we got up and she was very calm, but relatively “normal.” But since she had that high fever, that meant another day out of school, so we got breakfast ready and shared a bagel. She actually ate pretty well, so I was more than willing to share with her.

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At Least it’s NOT Pneumonia

So let’s jump straight in with the good news first – Emerson doesn’t have pneumonia! We went to our regular pediatricians office this morning, and saw the nurse practitioner Mona (my friend Abby had the day off). She said her lungs sounded perfect, and her oxygen saturation was up to 98% today. She said she would call later to get the reading from the radiologist at CHP, then call me with results. Basically, she didn’t think she had pneumonia, but would defer to the radiologist’s reading, since she said it may be so early in the illness that only an x-ray could catch it.

After seeing her, we went downstairs to see Emerson’s cardiologist (their practice is in the same building), for him to look at the enlarged section of her heart on the x-rays. He was super nice, and took the time to look at it right away between patients, then came to talk to us in the waiting room & check on Emmie. He said he didn’t think she had pneumonia, and that her heart was fine.

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My Baby Girl is Sick, Again

Since Veteran’s Day was on Sunday this year, the State offices were closed today in observance, so Jeff and I both had the day off.

This morning, Jeff met up with his dad for breakfast, and then did some tech/computer work for him. So Emerson & mommy had a breakfast date at home! She had a slight fever, right at 100°, so I assumed she was teething again.

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