The Bag Lady

This morning, I was the bag lady, with 5 different bags – purse, tote bag, lunch bag, Em’s school bag, & diaper bag. Plus a bagel. Normally I have 3, but today was a long day, and we needed lots of stuffs.

We ran into Aunt Meggie in the hallway on the way to the classroom, so she came to Emmie’s class with us. Then, because I was running super late today, we were there just in time for breakfast. So we got to see her get started on her biscuit! However, she cried when Aunt Meggie left her classroom, even though I was still sitting right there next to her. Miss Q then had to let her sit in her lap for a bit, while I left.

My lunch wasn’t all white today (like yesterday), and it was tastier. I love leftovers!

The next two photos were sent through our parent portal, and the one of her carrying the bouncy balls is so funny to me!

For dinner before church, Emerson and I met my Mama & Grandmommie at Willie Jewel’s BBQ. (Dad was working late, Jeff was home sick, Aunt & Uncle out of town.) It was my first time there, and it was yummy. I really liked their sassy sweet sauce.

Emerson really liked their Mac & cheese.

Also, she was being so sweet & lovey! While standing next to Grandmommie like this, she kept leaning over to hug on me, and love on me, and just pat me (which is what she likes to do when you ask her where someone is, she leans & pats), and wow it was so precious.

Then tonight for choir rehearsal, we got on the giant Singing Christmas Tree for the first time this year. And I’ve been moved up higher this year… It’s hard to tell, but there are 12 rows on the tree, and (counting upwards) I’m on row 9!

The next three photos are from my spot up on the tree. This is easily two, or maybe even three stories high, and we climb a thin little “stairway” on the far sides to squeeze up in there. Then we stand on wooden boxes, to make us all appear at least 6 feet tall. (I.e. – my box is 12 inches tall!) Maybe I’ll try to take a photo of the inside of the tree at rehearsal on Sunday…

The rest of the orchestra is over on the other side of the floor, with the majority on the other side of the stage, but I can’t see them from my spot on the tree.

After church, Emerson grabbed my cup of sweet tea, and just looked so sweet & mischievous at the same time. She then had to walk all the way to the car herself, still carrying the cup. She got very mad when I took it from her to out it in her car seat. My friend Pennie heard her crying across the parking lot!

Also, I started a new audiobook today. I wasn’t planning on sharing this one, just because it’s not something I usually read. But I figured those that do like this might want to check it out! They made a Hallmark TV series about this authors similar series called “Cedar Cove,” which should find you an idea of what it’s like.

I typically don’t read the cutesy, romance chick-lit stuff, but I’m between holds, and I wanted something a bit lighter than my recent almost-50-hours of sci-fi/action/drama. So I think this will be light & fluffy & cutesy, and an easy, quick little read.

Emmie played for just a few minutes at home, while her bottle of milk heated up.

Then I got her dressed in her jammies, while singing her a little nursery rhyme song, and she was loving it! But I could only remember like 1.5 lines of it, so I kept repeating the same thing over & over again, but Emmie didn’t seem to mind and was smilimg so big! She also does this cute little arm wave thing when she dances to music, and I love it.

Do y’all remember something like this: “Scooping up the baby bumble bees, won’t my mommy be so proud of me?” That’s all I could remember. Help!

Also, I mentioned earlier Jeff was sick… He stayed home from work today, and went to the doctor. He has a sinus infection, and apparently an inner & outer ear infection. So he’s feeling pretty crappy. Pray for him to feel better please! And pray Emmie and I don’t get sick too!

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