Short & Sweet

So todays post is going to be the definition of short & sweet, because I just don’t have much to share! Somehow I only took 6 photos all day long, so here they are…

Three at drop-off this morning, where Emmie was excited to show me some of her favorite books at school.

After work, she was looking up at me so sweet when we got home.

She ate so much food for dinner! She loves beef tips & gravy over rice as much as mommy does!

After bath time, we had about 10 minutes of sweet movie-rest cuddle time, watching Kung Fu Panda Christmas.

Emerson needed a little extra rocking and loving before bedtime tonight, so I relished in the extra snuggles.

And now we’ll go ahead and wrap things up for the night! Shortest post yet probably! Night friends.

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