Sliding Into the Weekend

Well, yesterday was just barely five photos, and today is 30! So here we go!

Sweet little baby girl for a new outfit to school today. And it was her first 9 month size outfit! Some of her little faces below are just so sassy, pain that pudgy little belly is so cute!

Jeff has continued to stay sick for most of this week, and I started feeling like the very beginning of a cold or something coming on. So I drank a packet of Emergen-C last night, and took another one with me to work this morning. I fixed it in this cup below (filled up about halfway) and then within a few minutes elbowed it and spilled across my desk…

When Megan got off work at 5 today, she had to stay there and wait for bow to come pick her up for dinner. So she went Emerson’s classroom to play with her for a while. And then she took her out on the big kid playground for a while. That’s why I found them when I got there, and Emerson was having the time of her life! She was going up and down a little stairs, and loved going down the slides!

Meggie’s triplet baby bump was really poppin’ this afternoon!

After we played on the playground for a few more minutes, we headed over to have dinner with grandmother. She had made a pot of vegetable beef stew, cornbread, and delicious apple cinnamon spice cake for dessert.

This silly girl put on my ballet flats, and walked all around the living room in them for a few minutes. She was so funny and we were all cracking up at her!

We stayed out a little past her bedtime, so once we got home she was definitely ready to go to sleep. And now I’m watching Gilmore Girls on the couch (Jeff is working on the computer), with a candle burning nearby, while I steal glances at the Christmas tree.

And now we’re starting a new Netflix Christmas movie, while sipping on hot tea. So cozy!

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